Dear Salty People: The Thread


At least we do not need to lie, and construct stories, that it looks good for ourself, as @Mechzilla does :exclamation:

What a funny little boy :exclamation:




No lies, only screenshots of what you did. Psychologists would call your behavior “projecting”, @bestplayerintheworld. Congratulations on making Rank 2, by the way. :wink::rofl:


You should better try to sort your members, instead wasting time with trying to mock me :exclamation:

Beside that, you just proved that you lie yourself, cos in your screenshot NOW everybody can see that it was NOT a ladder battle, the last ladder battle you lost and I had +1200 HP left :exclamation:

That explains why you try now so hard, but guess what, I even dont need to screenshot it, because you are nothing for me :exclamation:

Little boy :exclamation:



P.S.: beside that what you do now, is exactly what people thought of you anyways before, and that as a “”“Leader”"" :exclamation:
So you will never ever get any respect, because you simple do not deserve it :exclamation:



He’s earned my respect as a leader.


You only say that, because of fear, he could kick you, if you tell the truth = :joy:

Here in HardToKill we respect all our members and we hold our promises :exclamation:

@HappyPoppers = best leader ever :exclamation:



Ok. You can’t fix stupid so I’ll stop arguing with it.


Very good that you see / admit that he is :exclamation:




I wasn’t aware that you piloted Mechzilla’s account as well.


you care a bit to much since
as you said


and you deserve respect cause pixel medals ? XD


i smell a flame war.
it smells like mexican potatoes.


It seems we have another salty little person … and this time from someone who I didn´t expect it. It is “11.11”. It’s the second time today that he has won me a pvp, so before he beat me, he told me how to mock “deja vú”.

Dear 11.11 (if you are reading this) … don´t feel so confident. I am like the black widow, first I let you enjoy it and then I stab you with the sting.


e v i d e n c e r e q u i r e d


This very post seems wayyyy more salty than a simple : “deja vu” :joy:


I did not take screenshot. Anyway, 11.11 and me, we know it, if the others don´t believe, really I don´t care. The one who does things once, does it again, so sooner or later it will also happen to another player.


I dont know is is the same… Is this player…


Y, good ol’ @11_11 here


I really have not had a bad relationship with 11.11 here in the forum, but quite the opposite. Maybe it was a bad day for him or maybe it was the nerves of facing a strong player and winning.

I would accept an explanation, whatever it was to get rid of this.

That is the reason why I have blocked the game chat most of the time. People get nervous and write things that sometimes don´t suit.


Yes, he his quite chill usually.


I never said that it was a ladder battle, as evidenced by your spam invites and emotionally volatile behavior.