Dear Salty People: The Thread


Wait, Michelle, this thread is supposed to be salty. We ruined it.


damn back to salty ness or a little will more peace



“You bunch of noobs, come at once, feed me some points”

Shet if im bad at saltyness


Yes totally … :sparkling_heart: … much better than to feel the need to lie and to construct untrue stories about gameplay and other players :exclamation:


Love is so much stronger than all that hate :exclamation:



yes it quite is that why i like it


Surfing girls are one of my many weaknesses. Damn.


I worry about the “many” … :joy:




Yes, i know… Sad stories, sad stories of my many weaknesses everywhere.

I finally got Sparked Runners, Rolling Beasts and The Claw

speaking of surfing there was this one guy who smashed into a palm tree that was growing in the water
hehe it was funny until i saw blood


Is it your boyfriend or husband?



… lets say a “Gorgi” :exclamation:



yah lets go with that :grin:
@bestplayerintheworld how come i not in the back ground fishing :thinking:
you cropped me out how dare you :angry:
i looked like that local kid whos standing in the water with a fishing pole in his hand waiting for a fish to bite


I clearly can see you and your girlfriend …



ah that must have had been the day i was teaching her how to fish what a fun day that was. :laughing:
though seriously thats kind of what i look like :neutral_face:
no i not kidding thats kind of what i look like
@bestplayerintheworld where did you get that pic?
tell me the truth because thats what i kind of look like.
the differences though i dont where hats, beach shirt dont look like although i do have a white one, and last i was standing more in the water

i’m just messing with you though that is kind of what i look like and you can pretty much find me at a beach most of the time or just tending to my rod although my rod do look like that


Dwight considered Gorgy a noob for a while qhen gorgy was Rank 4…


hehehe i ma bring more salty stuff tomorrow good night guys


no thread gay


ive met this guy in chat.
he insulted us because we didnt like the fact that he was invite spamming.
then german turned into a warzone.


No fabrication, just immaturity. I did not ask for spam invitations from @bestplayerintheworld. Then when I accept and catch her, she runs… :hugs:

Not a good look for someone who brags as much as bestplayer.


Girls can be shy sometimes :wink: