Dear Salty People: The Thread


Um, you started it with your picture of beating me, Hammer, and Monster.


Yes, something simular, feel free to invite me, I like to test and play :exclamation:



Well I sent but you didn’t accept any. :thinking:


Are you serious :question::question::question:

Not able to read or to see facts :question:



Yes, how did you guess? I clearly cannot read, you really are a master detective aren’t you!


is it okay if i sit and watch and eat some thing
just want to know so no one get mad at me


No, but I am able to say and see the truth, Mechzilla started with a constructed story, what should have let him look good, but it turned around, because I tell facts :exclamation:



Sure. But I’m going to be going soon so not for long.


Meanwhile in Gorgyland, im still not clear as for how this battle invite thingy works and what to get from it.
Noob one day, noob always.


Lol! You’ve never been considered a noob by anyone who knows anything about this game!


what do you mean?
by the way could i come to your land?


Come mate, it never rains here, we age drunkiely ever after.
We dont have a bridge though, working on that.


i dont drink but yay thanks
i ma fly over in my plane


I would prefer Hawaii …

I can borrow you one of my pilots :exclamation:




i already there hehehe i living in it right now hehe
i love it i ma stay for a little while then check out gorgies place


I know, thats why I mentioned it, also it was ment for Gorgi, cos he said, you should come to him, it should be the other way around :exclamation:



oh yah hehehe
you can come too, i got room you can stay in the guest bed room.
your probly not going to want to come in my room though, it dont look nice and i got anime posters on my wall :grin:
its kind of chilly though for the people living in hawaii


watch Gorgi and me at the beach …


i’m good to young i ma probly go fishing instead
you should have had seen that one time when my brother all most shot me with the spear gun
when i took him to go spear fishing
i could take you guys though
it might be weird learning from some one younger than you