Dear Salty People: The Thread


funny how many RR and LLYL people are popping up on this thread considering how HTK are supposed to be the toxic ones. ofcourse, these clans barely resemble their originals these days. infiltrated by salty, salty people.


Tron is a salt mine. These days he quits on the selection screen. I suspect he does it on purpose for my game to crash. Funny thing, i re open the app and find him back right away.
Didnt even know he was with RR, weak AF.


also fun fact:

the term salty is derived from sailors who would swear and fight constantly. the term “salty” comes from them litterally being coated in salt from spending so much time out at sea, the sea air ofcourse becoming salty from the ocean water. therefore the term salty would mean an aggressive potty-mouth.


That shit player why he called you super gay?!?:thinking:


Why do you think they are not in high ranges? because they do not have how you would have to build something to go there. but when you lose you will not like it and you will go back to boredom


i m soooo weak,somebody please tell me how can i win this XD
last time he ran his mouth a lot barking about how i can only win in just few ways,but i m beating his ass every time we meet,i will ask grosbite to control his clan mates since this one is a bit annoying

but you know,the dog which barks don t bite


I believe this thread should be renamed to the “Salt Thread”

Rolls better off the tongue


Tron should not have said that, @Misfit. Please accept my apology.

And come get her:

Why you beg to fight, then run? :rofl::joy::rofl::man_facepalming:


Why she quit you mate?!?


No, it was an invite from him, a privat battle, I don’t play players, or help them testing, who construct stories and lie …

… but of course as Reign Reforged member, he needed to construct a STORY around / about :exclamation:

What a lost soul :exclamation:




Btw,you want to kill who?


That is shame!!!
But who sent the invite first?




Mechzilla lost already very often and also our last Ladder Battle … so all he did here is BIG MOUTH with a constructed story = pretty funny … :joy:



His mech is really noob for me,but it’s annoying to play his luck


I wasn’t aware we were taking pictures of the times that we beat players from RR/HTK. I can start doing that if we are.


I can make a Youtube video of each win vs Reign Members, if you wish … :wink:
… but I can’t upload so much data … :laughing:



You can be friend with us,but why did you send the invite?!?


Well, I didn’t get a picture but @bestplayerintheworld said, “It doesn’t bother me, send as many invite as you want!” or something similar.


… watch who started this nosense here (again) :exclamation:



ahh salty peeps tsk tsk tsk
eats popcorn