Dear Salty People: The Thread


jocke lost tho…
(unless you are implying something else)


I mean’t why show his loss here for


just adding fuel to the fire


Oh, because she smurfed in high (or higher) ranks?


She was rank 3 at season end tho lol so not smurfing


making smurf… It’s sad to see a player who has accumulated so many wins end up like that. It has been the destination of many good players. Or invest a lot of money or you end up doing smurf and giving shame on the low ranks. Finishing under the season is a tactic to start lower in the next. So you can do smurf without giving battles. Another weakness of the system, capitalized by some. Since the admins. invented this that each season you start 2 and a half ranks below, they created a problem.

Tacticsoft calculates that the average life time of a good payer is 2 years. Some of us have persisted (as we can) more than that. But they also have to know when it’s time to retire from the game.


Besty aint smurfing Wep and you know it. Wtf?


I’ve been watching her replays, because Betsy finished the season on rank 2, so she had to start at 4th. How did he go down to the 5th? From what I saw, has lost a few battles, but it does not seem to be knowingly. Is that their mechs don´t seem to resist too much energy.

What I don´t understand about Best, is that she has everything to make good constructions and also has enough experience to build very well. Why do she still insist with those 3 mechs that don´t give her that much success? Is it a kind of protest against the system or what? Meanwhile, what she gets is to lose rank and become a smurf.

In short, there may be a thousand reasons why Betsy (and others players) makes a smurf, it may be involuntary or not. What matters (whether it´s the fault of the wrong system or the player), is that the final result is bad for a many low rank players who havent the means to face smurfs.


People can be lazy sometimes, give her a break


That is why I say generically that it may not be the player’s fault, but the wrong system of pairing.
It can happen to me at any time. I take 2 weeks of vacation and when I return I am an involuntary smurf.

I think there are 2 things that work badly: the pairing and this invent to lower 2 ranks when the new tournament starts.


Dear people of the salt


This is still alive?


Surprisingly yes


Wepsy has no clue about what I am doing … and I LOVE :sparkling_heart: it :exclamation:



Funny how hard she try to trash talk me, but fail every time, as said so often … forum members / players are not dumb, they see what Wepsy try all the time :exclamation:




The show must go on


That noob shit annoying player



I just versed him too

He quit at the same time as I finished him off which gave me two of my daily 5 prize in one battle… yay, easy win… but no extra star so * shrug*


He says super kill to me yesterday then lost …lol . I love that stuff . Also winz was not salty while I was testing and trolled the ca ca out of them by rolling away from the ranger drone . Thanks Winz for being a good sport




I versed him at daily refresh. I called him:
Used Falcon and still lost gay