Dear Salty People: The Thread


k night i ma go now bye


if you all want some i already brought some so take some if you want
any ways night @2ab and @bestplayerintheworld
i ma crash cause i still hurting



This guy, doesn’t like being beaten.

A salty boi


I love fighting him. We fight, I beat him, He modifies his mechs to counter mine, I still beat him, He modifies again, we fight again, I win, He battles again and after he wins he calls me a weak noob and gets extra salty…



WOW u so lucky I never heard SCOUT RANGER said anythings before :slight_smile:




He almost always tells me that


Umm really he never said any things with me he only say f


He said this at the beginning of the battle, having an advantage, but my heat bomb did its job))))


Umm really? Even when I have said hi like 13 times he don’t even “hi” me :frowning:


I have seen Scout Ranger say things about other people and even to me many times now.


You say “Noob” to countless players. That’s why I said it to you. One of our younger member’s dad died and you taunted him relentlessly while he was dealing with that, @Nagibator. To me, that says a lot.



Seriously why he didn’t talk with me -_-


He doesn’t talk when he’s getting beaten, only talks when he beats someone.


I don’t think so.

Probably it is :slight_smile:


he does love spamming F in chat…




Lol he said to me no colling gay what a salty person…


He often say that with me too…