Dear Salty People: The Thread


Who’s ever played in Arena, chilling, having fun matches… when out of the blue…BAM!:

“noob” “No energy gay” “lucky gay” “P2W gay”

I feel fine getting called these since they bring humour to my matches… but when a well known player such as Nagibator replies to me saying “noob” then going quiet so I can’t take screenshots is just so disappointing to see… I remember seeing Nagibators name in the top 3, top 2, always in Top 10… but now she/he has gone resorting to calling his/her fellow rank 2 players “noobs” for some strange reason.

This got me going and thinking about all those times when someone randomly calls you some name and I encourage you to look at this thread and think of how petty and needy you look and how you think you’re superior… yet I can stand here and look down on you at any time. :smile:

Hi Naggy @Nagibator Naggy is a good name? Fits, don’t you think?

- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -

Oh this was for nag…

I’ma clean off the salt off then.


I mean, it’s for anyone who insults another but I did get motivated to make it because Naggy woman here, decided to call me noob for no known reason.

Did you insult me too? :eyes:


you met Oh_My_God in game i bet


Nah, Nagibator “Naggy” Nagibator


Indeed i used to have this issue with Nagi a lot. Went a whole lot better after that. But man, this morning he was back on salt. “Suck noob”, “### noob” and co. Disapointed by the man… Probably because is late ineficiency in the pit, but still, we all have up and downs… @Nagibator, why you do this??


for some people in this game , if you paid shtload of money into the game and still fail to beat others , they will consider the enemy “gay” , “noob”


I beat him with 2k hp remaining these days (when he finishes the battle)…


I’ve come to a decision to just reply with: Git Gud


Feel free to join the Git Gud Movement


Git gud is the proper way mate… a little fak you here and there cant hurt neither…


I don’t think you’ll ever recall me swearing anywhere :wink:

Just the way I am, so I’ll stick with Git Gud

Keepin it PG


In britain this cant even be considered swearing. Tough punctuation at best.


How do I swear in irish


I have fought Naggy about a few times today, lost every single one.

Haven’t heard him say anything though.


Naggy was losing to me… then “noob”. I asked “noob”?

See? destroyed Naggy mech with not even 50% hp

and Naggy goes quiet so I couldn’t ss. But what Naggy didn’t realise was I had troll energy left… so I lost but in the end, Naggy was loser for lashing out


now I’m stuck at rank 3, kept fighting top rankers help



What is your nickname on game?


As seen on the screenshot shown on the post you replied to: WinzKay

Must I ask your motive?


I have to agree with Winzy Wep. Long time i didnt see nagi salty like that. Please cool him down a little. Sadened me…