Dear Fantasy One


The Merry Men are coming…


I’ll wage somebody $10 that The Merry Men are defeated by somebody within 300 ticks.


50 ticks max I say tbh


50 ticks sounds about right


you should bet on tick 500


what if i join them? wouldn’t it be much sooner?


i felt i didn’t need to create a new thread for this, but the current Fantasy 1 is hilarious. @2bmp3tp brought an alliance of cheaters with him, 2 of which are already banned with red smoke coming out their colonies. it’s the saem team that was cheating hardcore on Earth 5 this era, where 3 of their members were temp banned earlier in the era for cheating and 2 members got permabanned. well done, RommeoOoOoOoOoOo7. you’re really making a reputation for yourself.


kaen like i said they cheat themselves and when they lose even when they cheat they accuse others of cheating :stuck_out_tongue:


It wasn’t me , I was banned for logging Zains account , I had to to log only because I had to save him , era counted on that single move I did .

People like nopy don’t need to talk about others cheating

Place a mirror Infront of you , and see what you are .


And that is cheating… Glad you’re willing to admit to doing it, but that is not allowed and should be banned. The fact that you are stating it like it was an “ok” thing to do is alarming.


I was banned for about 20 days , and yes I did cheat once and for all , it was others in my team who cheated previously and our ips where noted .

I had stopped it the moment you warned me malice , Alex linked me to the other things on f2 and the ban wasn’t lifted , it was only when joe understood what I said .

I regret what I did , but all the BD players have cheated atleast once in their entire BD life .


speak for yourself…


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hahaha romeo stop cheating :smiley: :smiley:


Thank you for telling him. He wasnt listening to us when we told him to stop and he kept cheating. Hopefully he’ll listen to you


yeah romeooo is sorta hard headed XD. maybe my beauty will helps him to realized to stop Cheating hahaha .




Who are the Merry Men? Are they a top alliance?


Good Question

They r Noobs


Ok then