Days of glory!.....(sad)


As many of the old players must have witnessed . Bd was booming with competion and everything was fine. We all recieved a message that tacticsoft is releasing a new game supermechs …and a link was given to it. Those were the days when it was tried to bring BD players to SM. But its pity that once superior Bd is now itself having less players and efforts are being made to get SM players to try BD…


BD is never going to be more popular than SM because no one has time to play 24 hrs a day anymore… Plus there are a lot more other games on the market , and I guess you have to admit, BD is kinda old fashioned…BD is a game of the past…not all games are going to stay popular for ever

BD : EA could grow more, since it’s easier to play from phone , you could carry it everywhere ! but I think they stopped working on it for now because of lack of funding , or maybe they felt SM has better potential


Why cant they improve it to make it look like a new game??? They can add more features
Improving old game is better than developing nee one


Don’t bring it over here