Dawnblaze or Corrupt light to myth

  • Corrupt light
  • Dawnblaze

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and guys I also need to boost the dawnblaze to lvl 40

Dawnblade for DPS, CL if you want to overheat/shutdown people quickly.

Both do have their uses, although I haven’t tried both on the same mech.

I’d say CL though. *

Corrupt Light should be your first priority as a heat mech. It does way more heat damage, which is why you should definitely get it to myth. Corrupt Light is the non-LM workhorse for almost all heat builds.

And here is my justification:
I am a damage dealer, and DB fits well with my supreme cannon and shotgun, as well as Clash. It deals good damage, shreds resistance (like clash, shotgun and SC) and gives OK-ish heating. BUT if you are true heater, you will want to stick to Corrupt Lights. You need to combine them with some push (Abomination? rare as hell) or repulser, plus Heat Nova (Reckless beam?) and a proper drone (Murmur or Nemo). This is the setups you need to go into. So whatever you max is based what else you mounted on your heater.


Thanks, @Splatter, I still have problems with names of items I do not use… Edited.

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What’re the stats of that beast? quite curious how well it handles energy mechs (since SC/DB use energy).

Well, it is still work in progress.
I mythed all modules, but now the most painful part, maxx them out to 50 lvl… Also, I just start finetuning my setup for specific opponents, so I shuffle with modules right now… But this is my “go-to” basic setup.

Well if it’s fine with you, I’d say to work on your energy, 333 + 158 is what I run for energy, and with about 412/207 in heat. Although since you said you’ve got mythed mods. That’d help to keep the high hp pool. Myth plate or multiple maxed iron?

This one looking at Mord’s heat stats!

Multiple irons plus 10kg legacy plate! And if I see players like Magee, GeNal, El Metre or other strong 3v3 energies, I switch modules. So the setup is very fluid (I am shamed to admit once I forgot to mount/shuffle one module and HappyPoppers was happy to popper my ass quite easily… Damn!).