Dark Power of Potatoes Academy

The Dark Power of Potatoes Academy is an Academy you can join to master The Dark Power of Potatoes… You will get classes from time to time. More info when you join (if you join).

To join you have to check if you qualify for all of these, then PM me… First, check out qualifications you need…

  • I like potatoes
  • I like dark humor
  • I like Elcent (doesn’t mean you don’t like others)
  • I want to master Dark Power of Potatoes
  • AoS is cool
  • I shall respect the master
  • I think memes are educational
  • I’m not an alien
  • My socks stink

If you are sure you have all these qualifications, vote here. When you vote, PM me, so I can be sure you have all these qualifications. You will get more info about DPOPA When you join (if you join).

  • I want to join DPOPA.
  • I do not want to join DPOPA.

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Reminder: this is just for entertainment.

What can you do in here?

Do you want to join DPOPA or no?

Idk i need more information about it…
Before joining.

I edited the post. There you go.

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What is AoS?

Yeet’s religion is much superior than this potato sh


Lol what? His religion has fallen after just a few hours, and is much more superior than a potato sh!t that stands strong after months?

I’d rather worship a potato than Yeet. Yeet’s religion is trash because its based on a lie.


Excuse me sir, A lie? I have actual footage of my ascendance:

Weakling, you are on such a low level of irony that you must make false copies of my religion.

oh man…we were talking about potato’s just for fun yesterday but it has become serious

I wish to join.

But you must acknowledge the supremacy of your holiness, YEET.

First of all, this is not a copy. This is an Academy, while yours is a religion. And my idea is COMPLETELY ORIGINAL. While you just stole that 10000 years old meme from internet. You even got banned for acting smart lol.

@W.P.O.T.W, @Horia_Busulete, @LegacyMech, @Chicken_Drink, @Manta_Shrimp, @sparsh, send me a message when you are ready to join.

i’m ready to join :sunglasses:

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Them send me a message.

we can just blast your what ever its called in the face with missiles