DAMN! The unicorn mission

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Was it?
Here is a cookie
And you can add this to your story for further enhancement of the humor part.
And the mule wanted to be an unicorn too… but ended up with just the horn… but he placed it wrong on the wrong … now he is sad and sings this song.

Ps: i know you know the movie… and you liked it :wink:

We added a new events feature this week as you had a chance to experience on Monday and yesterday. However, turns out we have a bug in the scheduling system. We had an event scheduled to appear in a few days and stay up for a few hours. For some reason the system didn’t parse the start time correctly so the event started too early. The end time, ironically, was parsed correctly which resulted in the event having a 4 days countdown.

Of course the moment we discovered this we took the event down.

I think we will still put the event up at the time we originally planned. Since this event is identical to a way a regular campaign mission work, so when it’ll be up players who already played it will find it in the exact same state. This means, if you completed it in normal and got the first complete tokens reward, you’ll find it that state exactly.

We’ll be fixing the bug later on so next events (and we plan to have different events on semi-regular base) will come up and down correctly.

Does anyone know when the last one started/ended? If the end time was correct, that means that it’ll end about 4 1/2 days after it got taken down this time. Personally I can’t remember exactly when it was.

Hard to tell… the evebt ended on tuesday. And it had 4days and 3 h left i think.
So of we were to count backwards( it started with a 5 day counter 5th not included since it started at 5days.23h). It ran for about 36-42h.
Just an estimate, to round up things.
Monday it started around 12 gmt…that means if we ad 5 days and 23 h… it should have startrd around sunday 11-12 gmt.
What actualy bugs me… is that there was a similar event a day befor… that lasted 3h.
So if my assumtions are corect the evebt will be launched around sunday at 11-12 gmt and last 3h.
And now for the sad part… some of us will be sleeping, cause lets face it thr Earth is round… gmt has +/-12h… that means some( most considering flag distribution) will be within the sleeping hours… and 3h/event it is to little to actualy catch it.
Ps: these are just my assumtions, based on common sense… do take them with a bit of salt, since in this game evrything is possible.

The first 3 hours event was a test to see if the event would run and get some quick feedback about how much people would grind it so that they know what to set the rewards at. I expect the actual event will be up for 24 hours and most likely start in the next few hours. (That’s my guess)


We can only hope for… but i belive that running an event for 24h is kinda of unhealthy.
We have to much dedication, and some will grind it continuously… and that is really bad.
Dont get me the wrong way… evrybody is free to do what they want… but it should be a more relaxed enviorment towards grinding, so shorter periods would be better… or longer ones… like 48-72h.
Either link it to gmt timeing. So it shifst with each gmt…or just settle a number of runs on it that you can do.
Ps: hope they dont change anything else about it … other then time and launch of the event.So it can actualy be that ray of light the comunity awaits.

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Well I guess we don’t know exactly how long it’ll run but if they don’t change something the START time should be ~6-24 hours before the last end time.

I really hope they’re leaning more towards 24+ because as El Metre mentioned we’re all in different time zones.

If the event ended Tuesday (evening here, PST) with 4 days 3 hours, it should start somewhere between this evening and tomorrow morning depending on how long they’re keeping it up… unless of course they changed something.


has started 24h countdown… !!!
Happy grinding… but watch your health… no nonstop grinfing it isnt healthy!Rest, sleep, eat properly, and also after each 4h sesion of grinding, 1h of walk in park.
Taker care all.


Chill it bro… want it to end short?


@El_Metre, If they gave the chance to give legendary’s people will get them. They aren’t going to change the chance for a 24 hour event. Big Boy was nerfed as people would play it 24/7.

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still think is not appropiate to bragg like that.
1st it would encourage people to non stop grind… and that is not ok for their health.
2nd things can be adjusted on the run.
3rd hope they keep it up and with the same chances.
4th we can share the spoils after the even.

Real Reward

destroy the walls also… there is another 750 in them.
Also if you add the 20% premium… it kinda is around the advertised figuers.

I destroy the all walls!!!

then it is unicorn math… not very bright(smart) creatures…

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i love that event !!

I wish toxic was here ;( I feel this was dedicated to her … all pinky pink