DAMN! The unicorn mission

Where is the unicorn mission?

I took my day free to completly play the unicorn mission…

Lets have a look now.
Where is it?

Maybe it’s under your couch, have you checked there?

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Coming soon to a planet near you, if you’re lucky.

There can be, Only ONE!!

I tell you, I have a feeling that it will be back. And the 5 day counter counts the number of days the mission will be on. So we still have like 4 days… And I keep searching thru the campaign map every now and then, so that I do not miss it… This is what I think…

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That’s called ‘denial’ dear Mordulec ;D
Maybe we need special kind of glasses… like ultraviolet… wow… thats it!! , clues were there all the time ;DD

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That’s what my wife keeps telling me all the time! “Stop denying you do not love me any more! What the hell did I think to marry you! I must have had my pink glasses on…” Damn, GeNal, you somebody’s wife or what??? OR BETTER, ARE YOU MY WIFE? HONEY, IS THAT YOU???


The portal keeping the link to the unicorn dimension collapsed.

Someone used the wrong helmet accessory.

However, @Elcent says that the Portal opening to the unicorn dimension was caused by BUGS. they fixed the BUGS. :slight_smile:

Seriously though: http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/fine-evening-lads-unicron-event-dope-as-heck/6669/17?u=jomz

;D We have some nice ladies around here, of whom we should be proud of. Such passion, temper, inspiration, love… life would be meaningless otherwise ;D
Sometimes I am sad for them hearing and seeing our macho bullshits and slang… but more sad because they witness all crap happening daily under the belt served by developers and PR…
Other part of your post is … truly scary… - in Poland is the same I guess ;DD

My blue unicorn

Yesterday, I lost my blue unicorn
I left him grazing and he suddenly disappeared
I’ll generously reward any information
On his whereabouts
The flowers he left behind,
They still don’t want to talk to me

Yesterday, I lost my blue unicorn
I don’t know if he escaped
I don’t know if he got lost
And I have nothing
Nothing but a blue unicorn
If someone knows anything
I beg them to share that information with me
Be its cost one hundred thousand or one million
I will pay

My blue unicorn
Got lost yesterday
He’s gone

My unicorn and I forged a friendship that was
Based a bit on love, based a bit on truth
He would capture songs with his indigo horn
He knew how to share them with others,
That was his vocation


How appropriate in the face of this “unicorn portal collapse”… And a great piece, altogether…


a wonderful 5 day=36 hours event

I found a wild fluxeon there…

No no no, dont lie …

you found that Unicorn there …


then you killed it …


and @Fluxeon saw that …


and @Marija and @Lannister made a video about …

(version for ElMetre, he complained about the original Youtube video here)

(original version was … Youtube “Little Big” - “Dead Unicorn” … no age limit)



A bit too sinister… and the video is really goreing.
Liked the story… but they are to much for underaged auditorium.
Actualy i take some of that back… the damn video is too much… it is truely facked up.
U actualy listent and watch that?

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El_Metre please watch your OWN business !
(never try to do the same with me as you did with @ToxicDoll , it will end not good for you - just a tip)

It really seems you have the need to give your - senf (we call in german language things which are NOT needed “senf”) - to everything you think it is needed. But hey, let me tell you, it’s not needed !

It is called HUMOR !
if you don’t have any sense for humor, thats your problem.

The video is a YouTube video … everybody can watch, no age limit (!).
So don’t TRY to blame me, feel free to write to YouTube and complain there !


The fack is wrong with u? What does this have to do with Toxic? Or with what you posted?
The video shows a clown decapitating a men… explicitly!!!
Clearly you dont find that disturbing, but that is your problem.
You say it will not end good for me? Is that like a promise or a threat?
Your humor is black, i get that, your bizz, whatever.
But posting a video like that isnt ok no matter what you say.
There are alot of things that slide under the age radar on youtube, this happens to be one of them.
The fact that i personaly know of kids(8-13) that use this forum, and i strongly think that a video that shows intense violence( decapitation is hardcore) , is innapropriate exposure to them, makes it my buisiness.
And i personaly think it is innapropriate to post goreing things… they are just disturbing, even to the age apropriate users.But if they wanna watch they at least have it as a choice, not forced to see it on a thread.

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Version for you …

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It happens that people are like Siberian amethysts: they practically don´t reflect the light from outside, but only emit the flashes of what they carry inside.

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I understood that joke… xDDXDXDX

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Not everybody can be as smart as you are !


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