DAMN! The unicorn mission (again)


Ok now the mission is back…



Damn, tacticsoft 4 days were ok, but 24 hours…


it’s free shit, they didn’t need to do a unicorn event at all.

be greatful if you want to see them do things like this again in the future instead of throwing it back in their face because “MORE MORE GIMME MORE”


What are you saying mate Tactisoft has a history of doing great special events …

Championship era…
Faction event …

Nvm Bad example , carry on


its not free shit you mofo :slight_smile:

It makes you cost fuel xdxdxd

anyways it is really stupid what they did


Stupid that they gave the f2p a lot of epics? lmao wut


Tacticsoft only made the championship era. I think. The Factions event was an idea of some people (a mod). It wasn’t official from Tacticsoft. And it didn’t end well, granted, but that was testing. Nobody got any special medals for it and a lot of people (top 50) got rewarded for it.


Some salt over the Championship eras?


It would be nice to know when it goes up in advance of when it does. I often don’t play Saturdays, logged in today with the news telling me to go “play now” for the special event… and the link does nothing.


No horns but these were the only legendarys I got from the mission :slight_smile:


Not just CE , any event they try they just tell u , a no tick CE , a 7 day unicorn event and then suddenly they change the rules like , oh now there is a tick limit to CE , Unicorn event 1 day instead of 7 days ,should figure stuff before making annoucements or people will just lose interest if they keep tweaking the rule in last moment.


I was also only able to get in a couple hours of play on the event due to the timing, life’s a bitch sometimes. shrug