Damn, tacticsoft MIGHT be right!

I just cannot believe what I am saying, but I start to figure out that all this madness has some reasoning behind it, guys. Let me explain. Ever since the patch the extent of changes was so vast, that all of us focused on every crappy thing we all know - fusion, costs, legacies, etc. We complained our asses off, and nothing happend. In the meantime, I just played the game, fused away my inventory into a nice physical mech, and waited to see what happens. Now I reached the following status quo: my inventory is 95 item (with 125 slots in total). I got 95 k coins AND KNOW WHAT? FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE PATCH I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN POTENTIAL FUSION IN THE SHAPE OF SPARE ITEMS. That is right. I can burn a shitload of rares, epics, or even transform a legendary into a myth. The only problem is that I do not have items to do that. So right now I seriously consider buying silver boxes (which only a couple of days ago seemed the most ridiculous and nonsense idea, since BigBoy yielded you much better rewards - at least until today). And with this in mind, I start to see the bigger picture. See, the transition period was unbalanced because veteran players had shitloads of fusion points to use, with little monies. But I guess if you just stay patient and burn all inventory away, finally you will strike the balance between fusion and costs. At least I believe so…


Which is why I kept suggesting for them to remove fusion costs at least for the grace period, then we’ll see how it goes afterwards.

But of course, my suggestion was ignored.


Looks like my earlier post had some merit to it (items are going to be a problem)

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I have 7500 to burn. I couldn’t play enough in the grace period to earn the money to fuse. Tacticsoft is wrong in every way here. And the fully fused myths are garbage. Did you go to bed with a top account and myths for days fully fused? I guess you didn’t for if you had you would be quite angry now.


Actually, I am furious, Se77en. But only because of all this crap I have no intention of crying and lieing about false “quitting and retiring” shit. I like this game too much to give it up. You ask about my legacy account? I did not have a lot of items, I fused them altogether into three maxed mechs - 2 diamonds and 1 God mode. After conversion I ended up with circa 1000 legacy items. Now they are all gone, like I said I am with 90+ items in my workshop, currently 150k coins, and UFCK, no items to burn. You are right, I played a lot ever since the patch release, and now it all starts to make sense to me. That said, I am mad as hell that out of 3 fully fused mechs I barely managed to build one, and there is still much room for fusing…


I have the potential to earn about 1.1 Million SM per day. However, This is ridiculous as I’m actually getting more items than boosting them away. I started with 1.2k Items at start of patch, but now, I have 1.6k items! That’s right… I went up…


This happens when you farm for gold … at stage 2-3 overlord den on insane. You get a box of 3 random items. Yes it may seam that you go up with item count but you go down on fussion power.
To fuse a legacy myth into a myth you need 46-53 k gold, less then you get from farming. You need 5 rund at it just to fuse an old myth into a new one,and toi dont use the new items.
I suggest evry now amd then… use the nrw items… thst you wont use… just to get rid of then.

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And to answer @Mordulec they aren’t right… cause it it going nowhere… at one point after you make 3 mechs… and tou fully fuse them… you are stuck.
You wont be able to farm efficiently, to sistsin yoirself to make other alternatives of your mechs.
You wont be able fi stockoile new wepons , or hold reserv items for new mechs… you will hit the wall…the inv limit.
And when new items arive… and they do arive… new op wepons to counter the Op wepons we have now( they call it balancing :)))))), you will have to let go of new/now old wepons to ger new ones.
And in the same eay you loooked at 600k/fully fused legavy myth turning into a nice 15 k wortjlesd item… you eill use you current muths to boost new ones… for 20k powerpoints
Get the picture?

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They added ammo back in to make sure legacy items were COMPLETELY obsolete.

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that is not funny at all… Just one insinuation of this kind and I will be officially crucified as a Tacticsoft insider. So cut it and let’s talk like normal people. And to answer @El_Metre, I believe quite the opposite, man. Once I get 3 mechs fully fused, I just get rid of all the shitty crap from the inventory and start hunting down for best top kek items. “You wont be able to farm efficiently, to sistsin yoirself to make other alternatives of your mechs.” You are right, once you dedicate your resources to a particular item, it will be hard to give it up. Especially that, as I noticed, THE COST OF FUSION DECREASES WITH LEVELS, which at first was something I just could not understand. But now I do, and unfortunately this is another shitty business by TS. Imagine you select an item and start fusing it, at first you pay most of the costs. If you change your mind in the meantime, you are screwed, most coins are lost. So this is another case why I am angry. NEVERTHELESS, MY COMMENT CONCERNED EARNINGS/FUSION/INVENTORY LIMIT ISSUES, AND I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU THAT I BEGIN TO STRIKE THE BALANCE IN THESE ASPECTS. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

You do start to sound like a TS insider… you strike the ballance in what? That is Bs… there is no balance, and the fact that you need 560k gols coins just to fuse 1 myth wont change. The fact that you need 5 legendaries (153k gold coins each), and another 100k to transform to myth doesnt change that. By the time you manage to get 1 myth fully fused … you are 1.2m gold into it… and if you wanna use it on another myth… well 20k powerup.
You are gonna hit a wall sooner then you think… the items requiered to make a single myth fully fused, are in the hundreds or more…talking about new ones… and the time to obtain them is in the tenths of hours of grind.
You start to sound like a TS staff bro… you drifted away from what you were when you started posting… fair and square?
Good luck to you, but dont say that TS is right and that this update is good… cause it doesnt fly like that.
Hard work and endless grind wont get you to 3 fully fused mechs…
They still cost 19.2m coins , and 11.5 m of power points to make.

In my opinion this is exactly the definition of being fair and square. You are reading my PERSONAL OPINION, MAN. And I am not going to repeat myself hundreds of times about how much I am furious with TS, but I like the game anyways. So instead of being bitter and acting like a fake retirement player, I try do adapt to the new system to enjoy what is left from my favourite game. Ah yes, remind me pls… Did you strike any success with you moaning? It is just a waste of time. I officially give up moaning and pull my socks up to build good mechs. And most important, El_Metre, remember I always respected you, and will respect, so there is no use in blaming me for things that are out of this world (like I am a TS insider… PLS!).

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Ah right, because anyone who differs in opinion is wrong, gets stacks of cash by the SM team as bribes, and should be crucified as such.

Grow up, man… I realize the update is bad but stop trying to start shit with the devs because you’re not happy. Stick to constructive criticism.

And yes, I realize that not all ideas are listened to. But simply put that happens with all games. Nobody is forcing you to play.


And the valiant BD player, comes to defend the SM game.
All his likes, are from BD staff…
You really should stop with the putting your toungue between other peoples cheeks and try and listen befor you jump like a frog, and looking for attention, fan boy.
Now do run along befor you get “banned” for uncesored butt kissing in public.

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@Carter isn’t staff. Not sure where you got that from.
@Fluffeh is a mod. Still isn’t classified as staff.
@Sarah247 has no relation to BD what so ever. Nice try

Okay I’m going to have to stop you there.

I made an effort to ask the members of this community who are actually giving constructive feedback instead of going “omg tacticsoft sucks, you all suck, ■■■■ SM but I’ll still play it because I love to complain” and each of them gave me constructive viewpoints. @Fluxeon, @Misfit, and the majority of the BD maintenance team that play SM. Each of them gave constructive criticism, such as the masses of threads Flux puts up about fusion cost. I played SM before pretty well literally all of the current top players now, as well. I just haven’t played for years. So learn your facts before you start throwing random accusations to try and defame what I wrote before.

You can call it whatever you want. I’m talking sense, and you’re talking out of spite and immaturity.


The entire point here is to spend. I will never spend after this update and quit long before it because of the security issues. My mech may make top 40. Depends who is playing. I didn’t do beta test and carry over free items. I never was gifted 400 million sm coins. I got screwed on that too. I had 12 million before the initial conversion and woke up with 14 mil. I came in with 83 mil coins and over 9 mil Exp points. I came in with 6 fully fused mechs. Now I have a lousy one mech that will top out with 5 fully fused myths. I will have no items for further transformation. I will quit getting new items which is fine because I am + 7500 items. Point is I will have one crappy mech. We are all victims of a robbery. Edit it . Ban me . Idgaf anymore. No one can defend this . It is horrible.


I think as of now they need to recreate the old box system, premium boxes should give 5 items mythical-rare, bring back the different item boxes.

They are making it way to obvious that they are trying to reset the paywall and make it bigger. And with the inventory grace period closing in about a week, I feel like I’m stuck in a dark cave and I have no idea how to get out, after 4+ years of playing my current mech is crap because I used all my mythicals in the past to boost old mythicals, (and because now boosted items don’t have any extra points) I am out of old items, and running out of time.

Lol i understand u love the game too much and love forced you to tell a lie to yourself that everything is still good and fine .actually its a human mentality we usually tell ourselves lie to adapt to new situations in hope there is still better stuff to come and if we hang on we might tirumph again and same thing happnd with u mate. But this is a big change and i use brain more so i not felling in this trap.

Afcourse its natural human tendency to adapt to new things u know why tactisoft never replied to us here in forums about our grievances ???

Because they knew if we start playing it we will again get used to it eventually and stop complaining and will eventually tell ourselves its good .

Its a very old business trick but i not fallin for this.

But once again yes its personal opinion on if u wanna like it .

As for me and frnds who left its just a scam.game changed from free time spending game to a big farming and paying game.
Things are very clear if u wanna see them. :blush:
As u know over time truth turns into stories which turns into small tales which turns into myth and then finally dies tactisoft is hoping like this that our complaints will die if they just wait. And yes i see their trick alrdy working i alrdy think ppl have started spending again as if nothing happnd its all cuz of blind love to game


Damn, you must have been into psychology. Anyways, you must be right. But I just feel what I feel, and every day I am better with the way I feel. The point is all MMO game developers do such things. This is why I switched from my beloved World of Tanks to SM - they just kept nerfing and removing tanks I loved, so I just gave up Wargaming. Now, if I wanted to give up on SM, I would probably land down at another developer, who does exactly the same things - to a greater or lesser extent. Plus, I would have to start from scratch anyways, with a new game. See my point?

I also came to this gane from WoT. I was a top player there too… and had alot of friends and platoon with them… while on skype… with elaborated tactics and strategy. Used to keep us up all night… but then… well most of them got married… and had kids… so i wad a lone wolf again.
Still a gem in the game … but it lost meaning that i wasnt with my friends.
I picked up SM… well i was a player befor but … only started pro 2 years ago. Yes i fell for the trap… 3600 dollars in it … maybe an idiot… maybe not… i dumbed 2k in WoT befor.
But guess that things are ok… not with this game with the other one i started to play 6 months ago when they tolerated all the exploits/cheats/hacks… so i picked up another… and guess what… the old gang from WoT got reunited.
I still play this one because of the friends i have here, but i have no real interest for it now… it is broken too much, the hacks/cheats/explots are back… nothing changed. And the money hungry mentality is actualy getting worse.
But cheers, i still got your backs … they know whom :wink:

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