DAMN HACKERS!char limit

has 2000 health and 60 resistances

and killed me on the first round!

death punch did 800 damage!

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oh wait… wtf?

how in tf do you get that kinda stats

First one - vorgoth - didnt hack the limits, but he cheats all his mythicals, he didnt payed for !

Everybody would like to have all that good stuff, but its very hard to get ! He had all after 1st day of SM-reloaded !

Thats a clear cheat, or he payed for 50,000 tokens, what he sure NOT has !


Maxed torsos generally have around 1200-ish HP.

Maxed armors can get you up to 400 (??) HP.

Do the math. :wink:

Not sure about the values above though, but it’s something like that.

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Those that got maxed mechs on first day probably had 4000+ legacy items as Fluffeh did and then used free bonus reds to transfer to coins to afford the transformation and boosting costs. They may have also not converted all coins at the start.

(Please notice the probably, this is my opinion and a guess)


In that I can agree. Vorgoth was a low profile player. Perhaps all this time he was accumulating coins or tokens.

It´s rare to get all the best items on the first day (although what is best on the first day, it may be less good on the second day).

The first item I got was an interceptor, they say it’s a very good torso. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck too.

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Luck does play an important part. I have only opened 2 premium boxes so far but in each i got a legendary item!

I also managed to get about 4 epics in regular boxes now showing it is possible but also not common (I’ve opened a lot)

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However the game is very unbalanced now. There is an abyss between those who have achieved everything the first week and those who are doing things at normal pace, burning each stage how would be right thing. I don´t think the game was designed so that the first day you have all the best full.

Maybe some very lethal weapons will corrected for their power, such as death punch or the energy damage done by the energy weapons. That is too inflated. Obviously there is a mistake there.

Or perhaps the damage of these weapons, such as a carrot to a rabbit, is maintained for the people to buy.

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Well this rabbit isn’t going to buy anything anymore.



As I said before … “the one who burns with milk, sees the cow and cries” …

I’m sick of noobs and ex top players who havent upgraded their weapons and modules calling hacks when they lose.

this mech was not hacked, it is 100% possible to acheive those stats without hacks as you would know if you had max leveled torso and modules.

stop being so pathetic and either up your game or shut up and be content with last place.

lso to clarify for fluxeon a max level armour module gives 315 HP.


I still have not managed to put the torso to max 50. When I´ve it to the maximum, I will just start thinking that guns and modules I should put and which not. That will take me maybe 1 week or 2.

Meanwhile, I built a temporary mech that is good for the campaign.

Hi @Elcent !

I noticed the “probably” !

Here is the point :
(my experience)

  • 98,000,000 SM Coins, used 2/3 of them for premium boxes, rest for gold

  • 43 boxes (!)

  • enough gold to boost and transform 3/4 of one good mech

  • 17,000 tokens left (= 260 $)

  • 5,000 tokens to buy gold for the rest of the mech (12,000 tokens left)

  • 1 fully fused very good mech (but not one of the best 3 possible once)

  • used 5,000 tokens for premium boxes

  • another 31 boxes (!)

And HERE is the “problem” …
74 (!!!) boxes and NOT 1 of the BEST 4 - 5 items (who are available atm)
… so either I am the most unlucky person on this universe
OR …
… they simple cheated it !

Have now 4,000,000 Gold and still NOT able to build such a mech.

So …
(some facts)

  • WE all know that there are a LOT “cheaters” !

  • Many many many exploided the BUG in old version - my guess is around 70 - 80 accounts or even more - ok

  • NOW WE also know that there was a bug in the NEW version

  • a few of cheater clan Shiro got banned (I saw 5 or 6 banned accounts)

  • they had clans prepaired to hide their OTHER cheated accounts - I saw 6 -
    7 (70% russian flag, 30% ukraine flag)

So my question @Elcent, why NOT just have a look into the accounts which are very very suspicious - like in this example / thread / case - “vorgoth” !?


I opened 180+ premium boxes in the beta testing as i bought tokens and they reset during the beta testing allowing we to rebuild my mech from scratch with already bought tokens.

I didn’t get one of the OP 1 hit death weapons in any box i opened leading me to believe it is all about luck. - i was very sad about this :’(

And it wasn’t that i got the same weapon repeatedly all the time just that there is a lot of weapons and modules available.

I expect as so many have been banned from the game this week that they have been looking through a lot of top players.


You hit the nail on the top/head (sorry my english, english isnt my native language, I saw you correct one of my sayings, thx) !

  • ALL ok with , who got lucky and were able to build best mechs - they shall enjoy it and I really have NO problem to lose against them !

And the other side is :

  • as long as I know that there are STILL bugs allowing you get that stuff for FREE, I talked to 2 “cheaters” using this, both admitted it in a way, of course they were so clever to NOT say it directly (so I do not report them or screenshoted it), I will NOT invest 1 cent anymore into this game !

Because as youself gave the example :
you would need a huge amount of money getting best stuff !

And THEN to lose against others who got it for FREE … no no, not with me !

Guess why I didnt fought against Shiro clan or their “players” ?

It JUST made NO sense to invest (for the OP cooling module), to lose anyways against them, cos they “”“FOUND”""" 6 moduls of them !




Here the absolute best example for what I mean :

Just saw it 5 minutes ago !

Welcome back “Kig Blinc” …

Most (not all, see torso, that will change sure also soon) best stuff over night …

Oh watch … a wonder … ukrain flag …

… good that their are 3837 players from ukraine (attention sarcasm, only one I saw over years was this “Kig Blinc”)

You see @Elcent what I mean !?

And that is another case - 1 out of daily 2 - 3 (or even more) !

Please take that as an report @Sarah247 !

I am really out of energy and will and power and and and, to report every day, often and often and often, as I had to in the past so often.

I want to enjoy / PLAY this game !

NOT to have watch out every single day for new cheated accounts !

I hope now it is clear why I am so against all this stuff what happens right now !

I am not a bad person, but what is going on is just TO MUCH !


Best i don’t get too involved with this as i am a simple forum moderator. Hopefully Sarah will see she is tagged here and respond accordingly.

I will point out the last 4 digits after the name of the player is actually the players last 4 digits of their user ID. This makes it much easier to check someone is who they say they are. (once every 9999 people you can have the same number though so it isn’t 100%)

If you ever spot an Elcent-9999 that is me :slight_smile:

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There are still alot of purges to be made.
They hide in lower ranked clans.
They still use exploits and bugs.
I know it is a luck game but come on… i haven’t got a single platinum plate( the one that gives 315 hp in full myth form).
There is a huge gap between a mech that has 4 of those and a player that has 4 iron plates( 135 hp).
It is a real game changer.
The death puch thing… way too OP.And i see players that have 3 of them, and of the same type…
I mean come on… we arent stupid.
To have such mechs… if you add up 10 old top players… that actualy managed to scrap some decent mechs like me and best… and you wont find such items, on all those accounts added toghether.