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You also get a Platinum Plate.


o i need one of those




I was granted luck just like you when I was rank 15… but then I used it for upgrading xD


Damn, I’m rank 6 and I don’t have the claw.

Nice catch bro


Wanna fight my second acc 2v2? Mine’s rank 14, too.


Day 6 - Some Changes

So, I got a Desolation and changed my Main mech. Works out TOTALLY better than the 2 Twisted Flux Combo mech.

Also, I’m grateful for this event, levelled up quite a few times now and would have more space to level up, but no more time for it.

Stuff I Did :

  • From Level 41 to Level 48 I went, holy crap
  • Farmed a lot of times, and finished THE DRY LANDS at 2v2 Campaign on Hard Mode. Sweet

And only that. Have a nice day.


Day 7 - New Me, New Soupreme Cannon

So, I’ve farmed the Arena trying to get into Rank 13 again (smurfs), and while in the action I’ve gotten a strange anomaly where Arena Boxes today gave me Epics. Like one box after another, EPICS. It’s not like I don’t want those, it’s actually pretty useful.

Also, made my Soupreme Cannon into Legendary Tier now, and it’s STRONG as hell! It has a 100% Chance of 100+ Damage holy shit. Also I’ve finished the portal on Normal and Hard, neato.

Stuff I Didda-Do :

  • Did Arena
  • Did the Portal on Normal and Insane Mode
  • Ate Cup Noodles
  • Made my Supreme Cannon-Legendary Tier, now at Level 6/40
  • Upgraded my Phys mech a bit

Aaaaaaand… It’s gone.


Love me some Soup-reme cannon.


Day 8 - New Me, New Silly Drone


(i think it’s just better to do this instead)

So, I’ve made my Tonto into a Legendary Drone, and got an Energy Engine, which is HEAVILY needed for this account. I’ve also changed my energy mech drastically, and just a few more upgrading to it and it’ll be ready in Arena. And one last thing, did the Special Quest.

Stuff I Did :

  • Went from Level 48 to 54
  • Legendarified my Tonto drone into Level 16/40
  • Got Energy Engine
  • Changed my Energy Mech
  • Did the Special Quest

WIth that said, it’s goodnight.


Care to one v one? :sweat_smile:


once you reach rank 11/10, 2v2 me.


Wanna 2v2 me?


yer rank 5 or somewhere up there
im rank 10
the chances of me winning is 0%
so no


lol, I’m Rank 4…come on, not even just for fun?


i d o n t f i g h t p e o p l e w h e n t h e o u t c o m e i s a l w a y s a l o s s
also staph inviting me on random threads ples


lol…ok, calm down :joy:


Sure. Although can be slightly hard.


Day 9 - New Me, New Deso- Wait, No more of that title

So, I’ve been doing some massive farmage and got my Desolation to Legendary. Sweet. And with the rest of the coins, maxed all my Epic Weapons on my Heat, double sweet.

Also, for the first time reached Rank 11, without Mythicals (at this part of the game, you HEAVILY need a myth), so I’m proud of it. :slight_smile:

Stuff I Did :

  • Just went up 2 levels
  • Got Rank 11 for the first time
  • Legendarified my Desolation to Level 15/40
  • Maxed all my Epic Weps
  • Farmed BIGBOY many, many times
  • Ate charcoal cola
  • Upgraded my Windigo to Level 20/40
  • Upgraded my Claw to Level 10/40

Tomorrow, I’ll be expecting something good for both this and my main account. So, cheers.


7 people in the arena on day 6

did the server restart or something