Daily / Weekly Account News with -talos-!


want me to show u my level?


here ya go my friend


unrelated buy , but here is a Mars Gigantalos


Haven’t seen that thing in a while


45 more days to go…


Day 25 - Getting near… Again.

So, I defeated MADBOY and got 300k Gold with 2 Transform Relics. That gives me the power to myth an another item, naming a Tonto, Nightfall, HeatPoint or Windigo.

Also I’m doing quite well in Titan, dealing 2.7 - 3k Damage every round. Sweet.

Stuff I Didda’ Do :

  • Went up 2 Levels, and got Level 90 Box. Contained Hurlbat
  • Defeated MADBOY from 2v2 Campaign
  • Making Myth Foods now

So, I hope I get an another myth tomorrow, hopefully. But, I want the people’s opinions on what I should myth next.

  • Windigo (heat mech)
  • HeatPoint (heat mech)
  • Nightfall (phys mech)
  • Tonto (phys mech)

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That Zark looks sad.


I got the CLAW from a fortune box 5 miutes ago.


Heck yeah. :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:




Which is better :


  • Flim-Flam (flaminator)
  • Heaty boye (heat bomb)
  • Both

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Day 26 - Big Air

I mythed an another item! It’s called a Nightfall! It deals 300 Damage holy-corgy-do

And, probably not that much in it, except for that.

Stuff I did :

  • Went up by 4 levels
  • Mythed my Nightfall to Level 26/50
  • Upgraded HeatPoint to Level 38

Will now start working on Tonto, then Windigo.


OwO, talos-chan made a lot of progress since they were a wee little mech.

The Dual Twisted Flux mech looked adorable IMO


talos-chan is pissed off from the smurfools’, so you better not mess with him baka >.<


Day 27 - Big Nothingness

I didn’t do that much today, so this is a quick one.

Stuff I did :

  • Went up 1 level
  • Upgraded HeatPoint to Level 40/40
  • Upgraded Tonto to Level 37/40
  • Farmed Lot’sa tickets

Hopefully this time, I don’t forget about Raid again. :sweat_smile:

Look Here for a spoiler on the upcoming event tomorrow



Shet i falled on that one


Day 28 and 29 - Tomorrow Again Is A Big Day

Got lazy yesterday so I didn’t post anything, but here I am now.

Stuff I did :

  • Day 28

    • Upgraded 2 Epics and made them into Myth Food
    • Went up by 4 Levels
    • Got Level 100 Box, inside was Snack
  • Day 29

    • Went up by 2 Levels
    • Got purple dumps inside Rank 10 Arena Box
    • Upgraded 1 Epic and made it into Myth Food

That’s all for today, although I’d need some opinions on what to myth next (PLEASE, VOTE)

  • Windigo (heat mech)
  • HeatPoint (heat mech)
  • Tonto (phys mech, corresponds with Myth Zark and Myth Nightfall)

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I can’t believe that my physical mech doesn’t even have a single Nightfall yet!


I swear we should join forum users and make a new account each, then make a clan for that accounts and see how far can it get


Oooh… Umm… My acc is relatively new, 3-5 months maybe.
Is this okay???