Daily / Weekly Account News with -talos-!




Even if I had no claw, I wouldve reached Rank 9 in about 17-20 days, but claw made it a bit easier because, HP!

Although it hinders some old fashioned tactics of mine, with real mech legs.


Nah they right it’s off topic :slight_smile:




Day 16-20 - SUPER busy days…

Again I’m very sorry for leaving out this topic, it’s just that I was very busy, for a long time even.

Stuff I Did :

  • Went from Level 66 to Level 74, wow
  • Upgraded my Phys Mech’s parts to Level 30/40 and maxed Metal Piercer, except modules and utilities
  • Upgraded my Heat Mech’s parts to Level 30/40, except modules and utilities
  • Got my Rank 10 Box, contained pure epics
  • Did the Gold Portals

Now go out and suck up the sunlight.


Day 21 - Getting nearer…

So, I was less busier today, and that’s a good thing because I got to farm a LOT of times today, even defeated a Campaign Boss.

Also, I’m getting nearer to having my first Mythical in this account, I’m so proud of myself.

Stuff I Did :

  • Went from Level 74 to Level 79
  • Upgraded Zarkares and Windigo to Level 40/40, now making Myth Food
  • Defeated STORM in 2v2 Campaign

  • Bought a Premium Pack, contained Electrolyte, Blizzard Dissolver, Zarkares, Heat Point and Rapid Destruction. Bleh.

Now, go to the Fastest Voter cuz’ there’s a poll! Nah I’m joking.


Day 22 - Getting farter…

So, I got a Nightfall inside my Level 80 box, and I quickly got it to Legendary. Sweeto.

Also, getting very slow to gather Myth Food at a rate like this to be honest, I’m running out of “useless” epics.

Stuff I Did :

  • Went up 1 level, and got a Nightfall from the Level 80 Box
  • Legendarified and Upgraded my Nightfall to Level 30/40
  • Fought a teleport hacker

Now, did you read that wrong?


What did the teleport hacker do?




Thanks for being so ded @no_on_here




Day 23 - Tomorrow is the day, also is a Lucky Day today!

Today I’ve been farming a LOT, and I got about 5-10 Fortune Boxes from a single level I’ve been farming, and that’s OD 6, Normal Mode.

I got lucky with one and got Sorrow even. Neato!



Also, got +3 Myth Foods now, and 1 more tomorrow.



Next Myth Food is a FireFly.

Stuff I Did :

  • Went from Level 80 to Level 88
  • Got Sorrow, Upgraded it to Level 30/40
  • Transformed 3 Epics to Legendary, to serve as sacrifice to Zarkares

And that’s all for today folks. I hope tomorrow I get my first myth. :slight_smile:


Day 24 - Strap on your big boy pants!

(I reached Rank 9, shattap)

I finally, FINALLY, mythed my first item! The Zarkares!

It also pushed me to Rank 9 a few hours ago, but lost it due to me wanting to finish quest.

Also, nothing that much new here.

Stuff I Did :

  • Level up once
  • Mythify Zarkares to Level 21/50
  • Got a Premium Pack for mything it, got poop
  • Reached Rank 9 for a few hours only, then lost it :frowning:
  • Finished Special Quest

Now, shut up.


I should be saying that. :smiling_imp:


Goodnight sir. Now I’ll be farming this level. :muscle::triumph::love_you_gesture:

Note : I could’ve beaten him with only 1 mech, but my Sorrow didn’t do the Heat Damage I wanted.


Also, these are the rewards for finishing the level.

image 300,000 Gold


Thanks game, I’ll myth my Tonto MUCH easier now… Or will it be Windigo? I dunno.


what level is that at?


My acc recently reached Level 90, so that level.

Difficulty is Normal.


lmao wanna know something cool


im level 87 and this is the power of legacy acc