Daily / Weekly Account News with -talos-!


Arena reset maybe.


good to know I wasn’t able to see this early but good enough to like em all


Day 10 - New Me, New N- No, Stop Myself, Please

So, I made a new change and Legendarified a Nightfall, which is pretty awesome. Large Damage is what I want.

So, nothing new beyond that, just the Nightfall.

Stuff I Didn’tn’t do :

  • Went up 2 Levels like last time
  • Legendarified my Nightfall to Level 10/40
  • Ate a large, sticky, and wet taco

Now go back to Day 1 and check what happened there.




he ded


1v1 me. I’m also using my 2nd acc.


I forgot you were in my clan and I could just check your progress there.


Day 11, 12, and 13 - WHO LET THE FROG OUT?

I’m very sorry for leaving out 3 days out on this topic, but I’ll tell you what happened in those days.

Stuff I did ; Day 11 :

  • Farmed some unhealthy hours in Campaign and Arena
  • Got up 2 levels
  • Legendarified my Zarkares to Level 20/40
  • Beat this boss in 2v2 land


Stuff I Did ; Day 12 :

  • Grinded SOLELY on Arena, trying to get Rank 10 for the first time and never had the luck. :frowning:
  • Legendarified my Night Eagle to Level 20/40
  • Bought a Premium Box, contained a silly Epic

Stuff I Did ; Day 13 (today) :

  • Grinded just a little bit, and FINALLY, got Rank 10! (at this point of the arena, no myths = GET OUT)
  • Doing some Campaign right now, you’ll know for tomorrow

So that’s all for now folks!


Day 14 - Busy Day

No, I’m not kidding I reached Rank 10 again, for the 2nd time. (btw @David_Jojua you wanted me to 2v2 you when i reach rank 10, well here i am lol)

So, for today this account has farmed for Tickets for the first time in it’s history (I know, shocking), and also, hasn’t done the Special Quest yet, cuz’ I’m tired.

Stuff I Did :

  • Levelled Up once
  • Upgraded Windigo, Devouring Paws, Desolation and Soupreme Cannon to Level 25/40
  • Upgraded my Physical Mech just enough for it to look like slightly golden poop
  • Reached Rank 10 very early (i did not expect this)

Thank you for listening to my sad song.


Yes upgrade that soupreme cannon it’s pretty good.


here it goes…
you know my name.
meet me at global chat.


Yo cyanine, how did you get Talos to rank 10 with all legendaries? I’m impressed


I’ll tell you. With prior experience, you can use all the best farming spots, best weapons, best tactics, etc. My alt acc has myth brutality and myth nightfall all thanks to farming experience.


All my legends are these :

Windigo : Level 25/40
Devouring Paws : Level 25/40
Supreme Cannon : Level 25/40
Desolation : Level 25/40
HeatPoint : Level 30/40

Zarkares : Level 21/40
The Claw : Level 21/40
Backbreaker : Level 24/40
Night Eagle : Level 21/40
Tonto : Level 21/40

Dynamite Boots : Myth Food

Also, everyday I fight a mech with at least 1 mythical no matter what, naming Torso / Malice Beam / Corrupt Light / Nightfall lol


I have little experience with Heat, it is very hard tbh (not)


Day 15 - Very Very (weird) Busy Day

So, for unknown reasons I reached Rank 9 already, with the SAME mechs you see here. It’s very weird because at Rank 10, I would at least need 1 Mythical or two just to reach Rank 9 but nope, game was very kind to me today. (not on main acc tho)

Stuff I Did :

  • Leveled Up Once
  • Upgraded Zarkares to Level 31/40
  • Upgraded BackBreaker to Level 28/40
  • Upgraded Nightfall, Metal Piercer and Tonto to Level 27/40
  • Reached Rank 9

Now eat some Tide Pods.

IF you were dumb enough to already be trying to get some Tide Pods from the washing cabinets, don’t eat Tide Pods.


Umm… I need like 5 weeks just to reached rank 9 when firsttime playing and you did it in 15 days?
btw why I see many low rank players got claw in chat?


Always eat that for breakfast


I eat it as snacks :))))…


But i prefer bleach+ice


Who flagged that, it’s funny!