Daily / Weekly Account News with -talos-!


So, I have decided to make a new account, and do a daily checking of it.

It’s name is {†} -talos-

Day 1 :

Nothing else has been done much. Day 2 is for tomorrow.


adash copy huh?
(make a heat mech this time)


Kinda, except no base stuff and regular playthrough.


But I started like a week ago…

I’m sure you’ll be there with that account in no time.


Is Your Mech Operated by a Midget? :grinning:
Mini-Me perhaps?



I’m a tall midget, short human.


And whithout lies.


I have a 2nd account too, it has a few Legacy Parts and a bunch of L-Ms


I started a second acc three months ago, and I have one of the best l-m items…




Oh, and note the acc is free to play


Oh cool, a daily account thing which should not gonna counter the f2p challenge inccident


Well, don’t complain. You are most likely sour that you weren’t first.


Ehh I mean I’ve been lately inactive so I don’t really have anything to complain except hope for this to not encounter the “salt” which shutdown the f2p challenge topic


Don’t worry, It might not.


One upon a time, I have tried this before and I defeated BIGBOY in just 1 day.

Tried it before? :joy:


I did it first try. :rofl::joy:


I remember that…


Hey I got it to work again!


If that’s your new account I don’t know what to say…