Daily reward box


I’ve just received this item.

Is it good? or next useless myth food?


Aside from this being a completely pointless topic.

Congrats on getting a stupidly rare item.


nice bait bro


You acctualy got an amaizing legy!

Keep it! You will need it.


Fuse it, another myth food


you are joking right? it is everyones dream on this game




try n eat it


sell your account contain that plat plate to someone on the forum and donate the money to the starving children in africa


Donate my money to charity.


Donate the money for starving sm players, they spend all their money to get it :wink:


Congratulations, you now have no excuse for not reaching R1




WelcomeToptheList haven´t any of those and has already won 2 weekly tournaments.

Others, we have more than 1 and we lose like any neighbor´s son.

Therefore, it´s a very precious item (more if you get it free) , by the way, we all want to have it and if you have 1, you want 2 and if have 3, you want 5 of those, but it isn´t the “sine qua non” of the game either.



I know i could be rank 1/2 but lack of mighty and maximum protector hurts.
Also matchmaking search engine sometimes takes tooooo much time so best place not to wait too long for a battle is stay at rank 3.
Thanks and see you in the game :wink:


someone from sm team love you XD


Yep… me and Sarah having an affair but ciii, it’s a secret :wink:


ok bro i keep the secret XD


is useless uwu
it’s the rarest drop in DA GAME!
i wish i had it, but i dont


useless, give it to me and i’ll make the most use of this useless item