Daily Bonus Not Going!


I Recieved Yesterday Daily Bonus Which Was Day1 AND Again I Receive the same daily bonus day 1


Thanks for reporting.
I will send this over to the team.


Thanks For The Reply! :slight_smile:


I need to make this topic active again.
So, I dont get the daily log in reward every day, as I should. I log in every day, and no reward. Sometimes I get it, but its on 2-3 days, and it skips some rewards.
Im so lucky that I always get campaign fuel refill somehow :confused:
Is anyone else experiencing this?
Can you please explain whats going on?


I have also experienced this. Weirdly using my phone it always works but via my browser it misses the daily bonus sometimes.

@Marija I am just a forum mod. Not a Tacticsoft Employee sadly :confused:


I know, but I hope you guys are connected and talk about problems in game and players. So I tagged you :slight_smile:


Are you playing on web or a mobile device? If a device which one?


Im playing on laptop, so web.


Still nothing ,I didnt get daily reward for more than 3 days… Will that be fixed? @Sarah247


I also do not receive my daily compensation. I mean … I only received 2 times and I’m playing with a laptop.

I cannot know what would happen with Android, since we have the update the game freezes and does not load on the mobile. I updated it, I uninstalled it and installed it again 3 times. I even uninstalled and installed google play again, but it stays the same. I cannot play more with Android.


Maybe you were online at the time the bonus would be received? On the older version, that’s how it was. If you were online at the time you would receive the reward, it sneaks into your inventory without your knowledge. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still like that…

But I’m not sure, so far I’ve been able to receive my daily rewards just fine.


We didn’t change the daily reward mechanics.
So it is possible what @Fluxeon said is true.
We are looking into this it is just lower on the priority.