Daily Bonus Has Stopped(the 21 days repeating cycle Bonus)


For the last 3 days I do not get daily rewards. Is there problem with that on the server?

Everything else works fine.

Please @Sarahsh247 have a look at it.

If you need any info from my side(like ID,email or any logs I can provide from my machine) ,please feel free to ask me.

P.S I have already cleaned my browser cache and on my phone the app data but the problem persists on both my pc and my smartphone…


Still works for me. Might be on your end.


yeap that is why I posted it as a probable bug … thanks for replying though :slight_smile:


@PirpisGR Send us everything you have. Username, User ID, logs if you have them.
I will have someone look into it.


Well I PMed you the details. Though afterwards on login I got the bonus. We should investigate it though.

one note: Is it possible that also claiming daily bonus on Battledawn does something on the daily on Supermechs?

I gave battledawn a trial play on fist world but I think it was after the problem appearing and I claimed daily bonus there once.


The items just got sent to your inventory without your knowledge. It happens when you are logged in at the moment it will give you your daily rewards.

“Is it supposed to be this way?” would be a better question, because there really should be a notification that inform you that you just received your daily reward for that day.


Basically this^^^^^^


Glad to hear everything is working.
Claiming your bonus on BD shouldn’t have an influence on SM.
We have your info though and will look into it. :slight_smile: