Daily Achievements ISSUE


Can we please edit the COLLECTOR tab to include
Obtain 20 items OR 10 boxes
Obtain 20 Boxes/items
or similar for those of us that are in the item collection LOCKED OUT phase?
Which for me and many others will be locked out for some time and not being able to complete those quests kind of defeats the incentive of showing up for daily play.


Yeah… the item lockout ain’t that bad until I realized I could not complete the daily missions. :frowning:

You’re still in item lockout limbo?

Yep and will be for a long time. I’m patient, to a point anyway. I’m not the type of gamer that want to make MEGA MECH in a short time only to be stuck with the same bot and get bored.
I’ve got my inventory down to 2672 items so I’m getting there (although my dam UNCLAIMED has 1000 in it already, but I can slow process those), 600 in regular inventory are new items that I could easily flush but then I’d be more screwed as I need them to do the Transform BS to try and get more MYTHICALS some need to go from COMMON all the way to LEGENDARY to finally use 5 of them for transform :rage:

Are you stuck because of Legacy items or power kits?

Both Legacy and power kits but I am slowly chewing away at them.

Another question, do the MiX boxes we get from higher drop rate portals “Drop Rate INCREASED!” keep those good items even when they go to my UNCLAIMED boxes area?

So when I do finally get to open them will they have the good items EPiC possible Legendary or be reset to normal lower common/rare items?

Same question for Premium boxes also.