Daily Account News with -talos-!


You also get a Platinum Plate.


o i need one of those




I was granted luck just like you when I was rank 15… but then I used it for upgrading xD


Damn, I’m rank 6 and I don’t have the claw.

Nice catch bro


Wanna fight my second acc 2v2? Mine’s rank 14, too.


Day 6 - Some Changes

So, I got a Desolation and changed my Main mech. Works out TOTALLY better than the 2 Twisted Flux Combo mech.

Also, I’m grateful for this event, levelled up quite a few times now and would have more space to level up, but no more time for it.

Stuff I Did :

  • From Level 41 to Level 48 I went, holy crap
  • Farmed a lot of times, and finished THE DRY LANDS at 2v2 Campaign on Hard Mode. Sweet

And only that. Have a nice day.


Day 7 - New Me, New Soupreme Cannon

So, I’ve farmed the Arena trying to get into Rank 13 again (smurfs), and while in the action I’ve gotten a strange anomaly where Arena Boxes today gave me Epics. Like one box after another, EPICS. It’s not like I don’t want those, it’s actually pretty useful.

Also, made my Soupreme Cannon into Legendary Tier now, and it’s STRONG as hell! It has a 100% Chance of 100+ Damage holy shit. Also I’ve finished the portal on Normal and Hard, neato.

Stuff I Didda-Do :

  • Did Arena
  • Did the Portal on Normal and Insane Mode
  • Ate Cup Noodles
  • Made my Supreme Cannon-Legendary Tier, now at Level 6/40
  • Upgraded my Phys mech a bit

Aaaaaaand… It’s gone.


Love me some Soup-reme cannon.


Day 8 - New Me, New Silly Drone


(i think it’s just better to do this instead)

So, I’ve made my Tonto into a Legendary Drone, and got an Energy Engine, which is HEAVILY needed for this account. I’ve also changed my energy mech drastically, and just a few more upgrading to it and it’ll be ready in Arena. And one last thing, did the Special Quest.

Stuff I Did :

  • Went from Level 48 to 54
  • Legendarified my Tonto drone into Level 16/40
  • Got Energy Engine
  • Changed my Energy Mech
  • Did the Special Quest

WIth that said, it’s goodnight.