Dah Rasberry is actually looking for a clan

This is litterally my first time going onto forums asking for a clan… Not those cheap little clans either… All members are rank 1( unless one of them is Matthew Xia)… And most players should be active… Welp…

Btw… Matt xia has gone to rank 2 also so that does explain why idc that he’s a rank 2 sometimes…:yum::yum::yum:

Hey! Rasberry! Wanna join the beta? But it s android beta!

Because this gen has ended and new gen is here!

Since everything been reset! I built a pro clan! That will represent the next gen splendors! Wanna be the one of next 19 pros that wants to be in my clan!

You just saw my progress! I m at first place! And now i raised my win rate to 97 percent! And still i m number 1! And i added someone that is number 2!

So you have my invite!
See you there!

Note: currently 2 wins no losses! Because our ranks are way higher than everyone in beta! That s why i cant find someone to kill!

I don’t have a android @GoodSir
And I play on a pc…

It ok! Just come to thread then i note your request! New update will rekeased soon!