D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E Official Clan Recruitment Post


The hats are pretty smart, huh? 1 gold and you can complete the daily quests.


rank 10 mechs, and I should fit because i’m heat, and demons are heat.


@destroy8839III surely you can join


Apologize from Me

First of all, I am very really extremely sorry guys I was offline for 4-5 days. I was out of the city because of some personal work where there was no internet access. I wanted to inform you before I leave but didn’t got time. As, it was an emergency I left late at night. 3 of us left the clan. Now, we are like 14/24. I am very thankful to those who had faith in me and decided to stay with me. Once, again I am very sorry. I will try my best to rise the clan once again. Thank You


  1. As we are 14/24 now. We need 10 more demons. I highly encourage recruitment and put rank 7 as requirement.
  2. I assign @sodukow as the new co-leader as @Yas999 has left the clan I don’t know why he do so @sodukow you will be in action now…

That’s it
One more thing, @Yas999 I would like to know the reason for your leave



MAN … I thought you were gone


Its okay we all do mistakes. Its better we repair them now… It was a misunderstanding and I really apologize from the bottom of my heart


@Yas999 so what is your decision you want to be back with us or be with your new clan. I would respect your any decision


im rank 11/10 so in the future maybe arena rank i will come into low ranks clans they are more peaceful and almost don’t care about the rank

edit:in resume no


I respect your answer but this is clan recruitment page you should better talk about you wanted to join clan or not. Anyways ok


@SantaClemente I’m in the clan, I’m Payn.


Welcome @Alejandro_Hernandez and this is a small welcome gift for you


@CRASH4ever734 would u like to be back with us?


@RIDVAN22 my friend would u like to join us ?


@Gustav756 would u like to join us too?


sorry bro, but i promised to crepadus, maybe later:)


How good is your clan and how many wins do you get per week?


We are now in top 100 with 15/24 also all the clan aims and achievements are posted on 1st topic itself.


Hmmm I’ll think about it


Take your time bud No worries


@CRASH4ever734 would u like to be back with us?