D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E Official Clan Recruitment Post


Good job guys we are now in top 100 with just 14/24…

We still need 10 demons…


@sodukow this is for you



@Cody_Browning so what is your thought now we are now in top 100 with 15/24. Anyways, you are always welcome to my clan. Anytime :wink:


I tried to join and it says only rank 7+ can join. I am currently at rank 11. I usually average rank 11 with 3 stars to 10 with 4 stars. Could yall plz make an exception? I am an active player. Note, I usually play 3-5 hours a day. I am at lvl 102 in campaign, and have an energy mech with 2 mthical malice beams, a mythical windigo, and both backbreaker and malice beam at 40/40 of legendary. If you need pics of my mechs, I would be glad to provide them. I really misjudged your clan, and would like to join if you would allow me to.


ok can we meet in english global?


One more thing you would have to get lot of wins for the clan or else players would be against u…


I tend to get the daily amount of wins needed to complete daily missions. Other than that, I work in campaign to lvl up, get better items, and upgrade my items. If you want, I can meet you there now.


Sorry I am busy now maybe tomorrow? Hope you understand…
You will have to get at least 80-100 wins a season


are you in the united states, or…
If not, I don’t know what time to meet you.


I am GMT +5:30. I will message you.


Yeah, I am in Central Time. It is like 9:20 AM here.


ok. sounds good. thanks!


thank you
you did a great job, it’s very cool


@dankmementos would u like to join us?


can I join, you still have free positions? my name in the game is Crash F.O.R.E.V.E.R
These are my mechs:


Yes you can join for sure. If you are rank 7 or above u can join directly as clan is open or I will invite you when I am on coz I am busy now


I quit the game a while ago mate


What? I dont really know about it. But, why?


If anyone was talking to me yesterday, sorry. I cut my finger, fainted, and cracked my head. I had to go to the ER and get staples in my head and my finger glued. However, I would still like to join the clan. I’m in severe pain, so plz pray for me. Thanks!
Also, Santa Clemente, you were going to meet me in chat today about joining the clan, right? message me when ready.


also, I have to wear a splint on the finger, so it is difficult to type :persevere: