D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E Official Clan Recruitment Post


@SeanChoi1870 would u like to join us?


I don’t know why you’re asking me but thanks for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind, but I may not join as @L4K3 is being an a** and not telling us when The New BTB will be reformed…


You are good so I wanted you in my clan


Aww,that’s so cute,little Sean!
Worry not,it’s already decided.Nobody will expect it.


@evilnoise would u like to join us?


We can talk about it,

Actually im waiting The ghost divisions too, @0ld_Supermechs_User.

Depend all on your tsrgets.

I have finished the last season At rank 6,almost 5.

So a clan with a member renk of 8-9 is low… But Depend.


This is new clan. And you can trust me I have lead a top 5 clan in the past SM


I dont need to explain what is our clan and what it wants to do its all above. I just wanted to invite u as a friend :smiley:


Thank you, but I’m already in a clan (not competitive clan) but to change clan I want to go for the better … how many members does the clan currently?, in what position is in the ranking?


I have 9 members right now. I am contacting many of my top friends to join and we are around 700-600 now


I have all that and I know cook too…!!!


Then join my clan :wink: joking. Btw what can u cook?


Sorry by the joke… but are too much good things. You only need a good player (I think…)


Really Chris Seddon returned ?


Yeah he told me that he is ur friend


Very good news … he is a great player … take care of him :wink:


We need 14 more demons…

I put rank 7 as minimum rank requirement.


12 more demons needed we are in top 200 now. I still put rank 7 as minimum rank requirement. Anyone Interested?


@Chlorophyllic would u like to join us?


Thank you for the offer, but I’m not really the guy for clans, I just made one to test the titans and nothing more.
I play in phases, sometimes more sometimes less, and being in a proper clan would probably take to much investment for me.
Thanks again for the offer and best of luck to your clan.