D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E Official Clan Recruitment Post


My desicions @Alejandro_Hernandez
Your Mechs - They are awesome you have excellent potential
Your rank - Its good but what is your season highest?
Desicion - You are Welcome bro. You can be a demon.


So what does that mean I couldn’t understand a bit explain ??


What are you talking about?


Thanks bro… My max rank is 7. Sorry xD


Can you talk in English please?


Also, can you meet me in English global now so I can take u in. I will also help you on your mech builds


I will send you a message through the forum to meet us in the global chat … Right now I am doing homework (bussy), Ok bro?


No worries you can join anytime clan is open to join for rank 8+ You can join directly just search for D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E. And welcome in advance DEMON!


Afterall if you got any problems in joining tell me at once I will take u in


So here are my mechs

3rdmech 2nd mech original mech


What is ur season highest rank?


This season’s highest rank was 12 . Highest ever was 9


Ok I can let you in at your own risk. Own risk means if we get 24/24 and you cannot fit the requirements I would have to kick you. Are you still sure you want to join?


Means if I don’t reach rank 8 and the clan is full you will kick me out right ??


Yes that is what I mean


OK so keep me on hold for now . I have to wait until GD’s decision comes


Sure bro I will do so


If they don’t accept me then I will try my hardest and reach rank 9 -8 range in a week or do


I will be offline for next 8-10 hrs. Gtg to sleep if someone interested to join please write here I will take them in when I am up. Also, rank 8+ can directly join. - Regards ColdFire


@Alejandro_Hernandez what happened? you ain’t joined?