D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E Official Clan Recruitment Post



We are seeking for new fantastic players

What type of player we are seeking for?

  • Friendly, Social, Competitive and most importantly ACTIVE!
  • A player who have good ambitions and who is willing to put his/her best effort for the clan.
  • My/Our clan cannot give you fame or fortune but surely we can together make efforts to earn it.
  • A player who understands the game
  • A player who has at least arena rank 7
  • Have Fun!

Clan Objectives

  • To make a strong clan which would be renowned
  • To do 2k wins and get that premium box
  • Developing fantastic tactics and good nature among the members
  • Defeating Titans and earning lots of clan coins

That’s it Thank you for reading!

If you are interested to join please leave a post here and I would also be very grateful if you will describe why you think you must be a part of D.E.M.O.N.I.T.E

So, Demons lets do it…

Troll Master looking for someone to hide under the bridge
Balkan Force Clan Recruitment

19 Spots left… MEANS We need 19 more Demons


What’s the minimum rank


I am searching for a good clan


Currently I am in the waiting list of Ghost Division


What is your rank? Can you please specify


I like that clan also has potential


Current rank is 12…


Hmm. Can you show ur mechs?


Yeah no problem
Give me a sec


Currently, Some of the council members haven’t voted as they don’t get online But you have 3 votes out of 7 meaning you only need one more, Though we understand that you want to join a clan in the meantime, If you want we can postpone that invitation to our clan if you get accepted to DEMONITE since it has potential, Possibly greater than GD


Same from my side bro…


I have lots of space in my clan now but I am afraid that when we get 24/24 and if he didnt develop his rank till we would have to replace and that is so hard for me


I want be a member.


Can you please specify your details such as your rank?


Sure… Wait a moment.


Hey wait are you the real PAIN from legacy SM.


No bro… In SM my name is Payn but I’m not the PAIN of legacy…

Idk… I had a lot of names in legacy…


Its ok What is your rank?


I’m rank 8 and very active.

6 months playing reloaded
4 years in legacy.