Cybran here, signing in!


Its coming a bit late, but I figured that for more people to use this there should be more people who already have used it :stuck_out_tongue:

My forum, skype and in game name are all Cybran. Its a reference to Supreme Commander btw, (Forged Alliance is the best one and still the best RTS ni existence, I advise you all to check it out :stuck_out_tongue: )

Aaaaaanyway. So yeah I am Cybran, I’m a 18 year old student living in Edinburgh, Scotland right now. I plan to study biomedical engineering in the future and much like my name-sake work on intergrating technology with the human body, essentially it is my dream that one day artificial augmentations and prosthetics will perform better than their organic counterpart, I want to make cybernetic eyes, robotic arms, brain-computer interfaces. Yeah pretty sci-fi but thats what being on the cutting edge is allllll about haha.

Anyway, as it happens I also like reading novels (mostly web novels these days), anime, movies, gaming (SUP COM FA!!!) and studying. I’m pretty new to the BD scene myself but I’ve played in a bout 6 era’s by now so I guess I’m not such a noob anymore. My biggest dream on BD is being able to win enough eras so that I don’t need to spend money on reds and can subsist on pure blues… Yeah, pretty far-fetched but a man’s gotta dream!

Anywaaaay, I study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at my school, life’s pretty boring. I have exams in a couple months so that sucks :frowning:

But yeah, thats me basically!


Trust me, nothing is going to stop the use of reds but you yourself. Force yourself to stop and your gameplay and skill will increase and you wont feel so devastated each time you lose any units or even eras.


Wow, we agree on something for once :slight_smile:

Alfie’s got a point there Cybran :smiley:


Stocking blues is pretty common , 50k+ etc.

Personally never past 15k without blowing it , but er welcome to le bd.


Nothing wrong (or limiting) about supporting the game, the servers and future development. :slight_smile:

Big thank you to anyone who supports us!

Never tried those but will take a look, since we’re on the RTS topic though, did you ever try OpenRA? Kind of addicted right now! Free too. :slight_smile: Great game for between ticks.