Cybernations Nation Simulation Game: Tournament Edition

Hello everyone.

There is a nation simulation game that I started playing a few months ago.
It’s simply all text based and does not require too much time if you wish to just be a trade nation or a “nuke turret” nation. Those that wish to actually build and play the game correctly, do spend perhaps a few quick check ins during war.

I was able to drag a few battledawn players to the game the ones that stuck around seem to be enjoying it.
This tournament version of the game, lasts about 90 days.

The last round, the alliance I was in, were the clear favorites as we had the best economic nations + we fought the best and gathered up the most casualties(soldiers killed and lost). Lastly, we had the highest overall score in the game. Alliance size was about 24 players and it seemed like the rest of the game of about maybe 200 players were quite jealous of us and decided on the last few days to merge all of their alliances together so as to cheat us out of the strongest alliance/total score awards. We were able to with the help of some folks from here + others recruit a bunch of new nations to boost our score and secure our win.

This new round, the majority of the game has made an effort at essentially trying to drive us out of the game and in response, probably like 7 of the 12 recruits I was able to bring in, quit the game early on. We’ve recreated our nations, we are building up again and there is a long time left before this round ends(about 50 days).

If anyone would like to build a nation and join me in beating the rest of the game, please respond here or shoot me a pm. There is a simple build guide we created with clear instructions on what to do. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I’d appreciate even a single person jumping on this.

Thanks for hearing me out,


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I can vouch about how fun the game is.

so why exactly either monarchy or republic?

Each government option has it’s benefits. Monarchy and republic give you a discount on infrastructure purchased and on daily bills. You will be changing your government type later on, when it comes time to collect taxes.

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and why shouldnt I just build whatever I can on first day?

You have to pay bills on a daily basis. Bills are calculated on the basis of how much infrastructure you have, technology, military etc. If you built up first day, you would have to pay bills daily on what you built. When you collect taxes, it’s based on your countries population(which increases as you buy infrastructure). If you follow the backcollection strategy, you will only collect your taxes every 10-20 days. So you pay bills of near 0, but collect taxes as if you had the population the whole time.

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Bumping the post up the ranks!

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