Cyberdyne Systems recruitment before Judgment Day

Cyberdyne Systems Flag Cyberdyne Systems Name Cyberdyne Systems Flag

Judgment Day is ineluctable and close is the reign of machines.
We, Cyberdyne Systems, can offer you the key to a better world, in which you will have a role to play.
Join Cyberdyne Systems to participate in the final victory and dominate all life.
Join Cyberdyne Systems to face your destiny !

Clan: Cyberdyne Systems
Leader: @T-850
Position: 5,389
Members: 1/24
Arena points: 63
Required rank: 25

By posting your candidature here, you implicitly agree to the following conditions:
  • Courtesy to members and opponents
  • Win 5 fights a day
Further information:
  • No level requirement
  • All Mechs types are accepted
  • Speaking French is a bonus
  • Having a Terminator-like nickname would be appreciated

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Man, id sign in just for the tittle…

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@HappyPoppers kept telling me the robots are coming…

Robot this… robot that…

Well I guess the robots are here now.


Wow…you kinda like being a terminator.

U robot?
Pls capcha r8 now pls

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You do know what judgement day is in most games right?

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roleplay? hell nah

oh no the robots are back

Initiated transmission…

@lordgorgon No problemo, you are welcome.

@Fluxeon You have a clever friend.

@The_Yo_Yo_Man I am a cybernetic organism, model 101, rank 10. I possess subroutines on basic human psychology and behavior, with the ability to solve captcha tests.

@TechnoDive I am not authorized to answer that. But you can tell us.

@W.P.O.T.W Not necessarily, just as you want.

@trophy435 Robots never left.

…End of transmission.


I love this introduction to your clan so much I want to join but sorry, The clan I’m in is currently in the Double Digits

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Nah will pass the final judgment with my friend John Connor he lends me his Bunker anti-everything in case the final judgment passes

…End of transmission.


um can i just blow it up from the inside

I would like to meet your friend John Connor, a very nice guy for sure.

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If very nice he likes to destroy robots he also wanted to do the same with me but I told him that he came from the future and that he came to reverse everything… =v

This made me laugh :laughing:


In most games or servers , a judgement day happens.

Its basically a ban wave


I’ll be waiting for that ,


As you can see in the picture, Judgment Day has already begun.

Did you see this horror movie?


Clan: Cyberdyne Systems
Leader: @T-850
Position: 2,288
Members: 1/24
Arena points: 66
Required rank: 25

None of you on the forum wants to join my clan?

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Cyberdyne Systems update…

The army of mechs is still progressing:

Only filled with active pilots:

100 wins a week guaranteed!

Join us… or burn in Hell in an unbearable and deadly agony :two_hearts:


Join a clan made of a clan made of a clan made of a clan.

I’ll join your clan, PM me
Rank 4, 99 Arena Points

My current clan is not very good, just joined a random one