Cyber Monday sales?

Will there be any cyber monday discounts on boxes or something? Im not sure why there was a black friday sale, since black friday is physical instore, cyber monday is online

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Im guessing thats a “no”

I had planned to save many tokens but I spent it in a chest and gave me a torso wnedigo something I needed xD I wanted to save only for Christmas but the temptation is too much and I bought the chest

i miss the free premium boxes… :frowning:

I hope we get box sales, at least, so I can keep getting more epics… err… get a legendary to use for upgrade.

I would appreciate it if it gave 3 free chests to all of us :wink:

this is what I want in Christmas 5 free chests without paying anything

only 19.99 that is a bargain you should buy 3 of them

but I want it for free xD 5 legendary free 100% and not lie xD I also do not know how much is that I am not from the United States is more I do not know how much would be in my country xD

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which country?
i can convert

I am mexica and what I am saying is to complete the 20 words so that it can be published

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you can hide it by following these instructions
put words inbetween < and > to make them disappear

it is 371.38 pesos if that is what you want to know