Cyanine's Forum Game - The Fastest Voter!


Only in Special Polls!

The poll that rianma won is a special one, so that means?

… He is the first champion! And also, the first to get the special tag! (if only @Marija responds :sweat_smile:)



@rianma123, congratulations for your new tag! :smiley:

Also thanks for the efforts of @Marija to make this happen.




what’s the tag say?


First Fastest Voter Champion


oh fastest voter.


A poll is needed to vote!

  • I want to win, but this vote doesn’t count!
  • I want to win, but I ate my dog!
  • I want to win, but I poop from my eyes!
  • I want to win, but I pee from by bellybutton!
  • I want to win, but this vote doesn’tn’tn’t count!
  • I want to win, but this vote does not count!
  • I want to lose, but I win anyways!
  • I want to lose, and yes indeed!

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You won @WinzKay!

But you ate your dog? :thinking:


I did, was tasty


Wait, really?! :open_mouth:


your poll, not mine


Fair enough! :zipper_mouth_face:


Look, it’s a magnificent Poll!

  • I don’t win this poll!
  • I am officially the dumb!
  • I eat poop!
  • I stuck a pen deep inside my nose!

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@Ricemech88 won!



“pole” lol


Yeah, I misheard “poll” inside my head lol


POLL SPREE! Nah not really!

  • This poll vote doesn’t count!
  • I can’t even lift a feather!
  • I’m peeing my pants right now!
  • I pooped my pants at school!
  • POLL VOTE WINNOT! (doesn’t count!)
  • POLL VOTE WEINER! (doesn’t count!)
  • POLL VOTE WINNER! (does count!)

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Congratulations @WinzKay!


Takes guts to look for the correct one lol