Cyanine's Forum Game - The Fastest Voter!


Christmas! The best time of the month!

  • I kissed a dog in the butt~!
  • I have an addiction to lolis!
  • I am @BlackTempest in disguise!
  • I am not-not-not the winner of the Fastest Voter!
  • I am not-not the winner of the Fastest Voter!
  • I can sniff a pile of poop from 100km away!

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you focker i pickked the wrong one
damn you


Congratulations @PlagueKnight! You win this round!

But, you kissed a dog in the butt? :thinking:


why you make that the first one

  • hi
  • hello

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yay i won -__-


well then… ._.



You are officially the dumbbb


Merry Christmas!

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This is taking long than I expected.


I’ll vote for now. Almost everyone now has a notification of this to take note.


Almost everyone is not online in off topic


Who tf let this die?


ummmm me because no one else replyed.


Hey, I’m bringing this back to life!

Same rules! If you are new to this game, please check the rules up above!

Dropping a poll in a short minute!

Also @Elcent do you still give out nicknames for winners of games like these? We’re nearing the 10th poll! :smiley:


…It’ve been 1 hour…


Sike, You thought

  • I ate my poop!
  • I’m eating my poop right now!
  • I am covered in urine!
  • I am the one that voted in a non-counted vote!
  • I am the one that voted in a win this poll!
  • I ate raw cockroaches!
  • I’m Captain Obvious!

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Hmm… This is very boring… Noone wants to take a piece? :slight_smile:



Ahh, such a peaceful time! :smiley:


Ahh, better luck next time!

Looks like everybody have forgotten this topic already!

Let’s give them a note, on what to do when they see a notification on this.

By the way, after the next poll I’m going to give, it’s going to be a Special Poll!

Whoever votes the fastest there, wins a special tag!

See you then! :wink: