Cyanine's Forum Game - The Fastest Voter!


not now cyan i’m going to bed soon do it tomorrow



  • 1 + 1 = 3
  • This vote doesn’t count!
  • I slept with my friend’s mom!
  • I ate a sharpie!
  • I never heard Bohemian Rhapsody!
  • I can’t read!
  • This vote counts! as a fake vote!
  • This vote counts! and still does!
  • This vote counts! but is a fake one!
  • I can’t read! So this vote doesn’t count!
  • I pooped in a pool!

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Congratulations @WinzKay! You won this round! :smiley:

And seems to have good eyesight, or maybe you did dirty!


where be ye official thingy


Players of this game, better get ready for tomorrow because it’s going to be a…


And get your eye glasses ready, because it’s going to be small!

Goodluck! :slight_smile:




Get ready sirs! The poll will drop tomorrow! :smiley:

Took me a lot of tries to make it a perfect tiny poll.


I’ll be waiting…:smiling_imp:


One of @rianma123’s memorial, with Supermechs Sandbox. Go forth in your journey you magnificent bro! We’ll miss you. :disappointed_relieved:

Btw I’ll drop the poll on a Saturday for sure now, so I could get all the free time I could get, unlike on a work day.


Also while we’re waiting for it, let’s check out how the other’s are doing! :smiling_imp:

  • I ate poop!
  • I don’t know math!
  • I ate a dog!
  • My feet smells like rotten eggs and cottage cheese!
  • I am supremely unhygienic!
  • This vote doesn’tn’t count!
  • This vote doesn’t count!
  • My hands smells likes garbage!

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Congratulations @Ricemech88!

You won this poll! :smiley:



  • I slept with my friend’s mom/dad!
  • I ate 2000 spiders in my sleep last night!
  • I want to marry @WinzKay!
  • I want to marry @Ricemech88! But this vote doesn’t count!
  • I won this poll!

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Congratulations @Ricemech88! You won again!

Also that was mean of me wasn’t it? :sweat_smile:




Hey, Same !!!


Oh, nice!

You too @SeanChoi1870!

Mine is on Tracking lol


Another poll!


Number one rule : Polls don’t work in summaries! :laughing:


oh shet
i spend too much time on gd
totally forgot about this thread


Me too bro

Working on a 3-4 Stars level that will probably not get rated


Alright! Let’s go!

In about 1 Hour I’ll drop the poll! :smiley:

I’d like everyone to be ready. :wink: