Cyanine's Forum Game - The Fastest Voter!


Ok u can shleep


I am smart! I can create polls!

  • I clogged the toilet with my poop!
  • I ate live cockroaches!
  • I ate 10 Million spiders while I was sleeping last night!
  • I slept with my friend’s mom / dad!
  • This vote doesn’t count!
  • This vote does not count!
  • I can’t read, and this vote doesn’t count!
  • I can’t lift even dust!
  • This vote counts!
  • eyy cant handil baesik engrish
  • I won this poll!

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Congratulations @WinzKay!

Also it’s good to know, that you won a poll when I didnt include “I want to marry @WinzKay!” hahaha


It’s hard to do it with phone
congrats btw


Winner Winner Chicken Loser!

  • I win!
  • I lose!
  • This is a fake poll!

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But i still win…right?
yeah…i know it’s a fake poll


Also means you are dumb. Check the rules. :rofl:


But I technically didn’t make a poll because it’s a fake poll and ur seein things :stuck_out_tongue:


A fake poll is a poll that don’t work.

You seein’ things you quiche?

And technically, it’s still a poll. Whatever thing that has poll in it, is a poll.


Jeez, why’d you have to get so mad at a joke :thinking:


Jeez, mine was a joke too. :open_mouth:

But a semi-joke. :open_boy_portal:



  • I am stupid!
  • I shat bricks everytime I go to school!
  • All of my friends including me are dumb!
  • This vote doesn’t count!
  • I listen to Darude - Sandstorm 24/7!
  • I can’t read, so this vote doesn’t count!
  • This is not the win option, so this vote doesn’t count!
  • This is the win option, but this vote doesn’t count!
  • This is the win option, but this vote does not count!
  • 1 + 1 = 98563489!
  • This is the win option, but this vote will not count!
  • This is the win option, and nothing else but that!

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Sure takes long huh. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @WinzKay!

And again, I didn’t include the option you want :rofl:



  • Get gnomed this is a fake poll
  • Get GNOMED

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Happy… Uhh… Christmas!

  • I barfed while voting!
  • I want to kick @WinzKay in his nuts!
  • I want to win this poll! And I did!
  • I want to marry @WinzKay!
  • I kicked myself in the face while voting!
  • I’m peeing my pants right now!
  • I want to marry @Ricemech88!
  • I slept with my friend’s father!
  • Thy vote don’t count!

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Ran out of ideas lmao



Congratulations @Ricemech88! You won!

But you want to marry… Yourself? :rofl:


yes I love myself :wink:


By the way, 2 more polls before… You guessed it!