Cute date ideas plz?


im gonna be meeting @Lord_Eddard_Stark irl for the first time. we live close to each other (he lives on the rich ppl island tho bcos hes rich ppl and i live in the poor district bcos im am poor ppl scum) what should we do? nothing sexual plz. we’re both straight lads. i think.


i was thinking of going on the ferry, which was pretty fun, as far as i remember, and maybe going to the Space Needle. but he lives on an island, so he prolly goes on the ferry every day to get to the mainland. so idk. give me ideas


Go outside and look shady trading something back and forth, and do so until somebody confronts you about it and demands to know what you’re doing.

Then inform him you’re swapping a USB containing Battle Dawn Hacks.

He’ll call the cops for sure.


May 1 Probably he s enjoying his bath that day.


you two kids better wear protection.


Go shopping for food items for a picnic. Make sure you have a blanket and cooler and plenty of age-appropriate drinks. Then, hop back in the car and go see a drive-in movie.

If one of you has a hatchback, it works better as you can chill out in the back. Hopefully it’s decent weather, so you don’t have to stay in the car.


Could play Battle Dawn together. in real life… a full era…


Ok, I’ll… take my leave.


in a day alex?

[more characters]


Watch the greatest film of all time, the mummy, starring the man himself, Brendan Fraser.


Jamie, part of that is actually a great idea. might watch a movie. idk if mummy tho. if they show it in theaters, i might (and no, we aren’t holding hands. i think)


Could play Battle Dawn together. in real life… a full era…i have always wanted to do that. but there are no fast servers. bring back f5 and run a 6-ticker 2-man world


Take him out to the beach for the sunset, always works


+1 to bringing back a 6 ticker.

love them.


It would be fun if in coming months a 6 ticker is held.


yeah a movie and then later a bit of snacks like pizza or something would be great.

In my case as i am more of a foodie , i would go for a whole meal rather than snacks. I would just eat the snacks while watching movie and then a whole half hour meal after that. :heart_eyes: