Cut all damage in half


For every single weapon in the game, cut the damage in half. (Including heat and energy damage) Battles end much too quickly these days, especially with physicals. Strategy doesn’t matter as much anymore because moving for 1 turn means you lose the battle. Cutting all damages in half would effectively boost strategy in the game.

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If you’re not also cutting resistance modules in half get ready for premium res modules to become hated universally as they leave most lower damage items shooting abysmal damage after this.

I guess you could argue heavy drain items would have more purpose. Or are you including res drain too?

But I disagree that moving makes you lose the battle. Won a 2v2 against gorgon because I rolled my way out of his Spartans before.


And also, if we are cutting all damage in half, then make sure that the uses of each weapon gets doubled.


That might be part of the plan so unlimited use items become useful


or maybe you could just leave it be…just saying…it’s an option…


This game is already unbalance. It was balanced in the beginning. Weapons do 4-6 time more damage than old weapons. What make you sure that cutting half the damage of weapons now will help. The Hitpoints are 5 time more, The heat and energy is 5 times more. That won’t make a different since the game unbalance.


Half is a bit high.
Just remove arena shop. Thats the source of the current shet gameplay we face…
For phys, res drain became irrelevant.
For heat, overheat became irrelevant.
For elec, energy drain became irrelevant.

Now its all about making as much dmg as possible, as fast as possible. For phys thats natural. Atm the well performing heaters and elecs are all dmg oriented, bunkers, magmas, shotguns…



Agree with you. The arena shop is just dumb.


You want a 10 minute battles like before “new era”? (but damage is still need cut)


I already paid hundreds if not thousands of tokens in premium account 8 hours purely for extra arena coins, if they ditch it I’d want compensation.


I feel like with damage cut in half we’d end up in situations where you’re out of weapon charges and haven’t killed your opponent yet.


Then unlimited use weapons make sense, then 3 weapons builds will need revamp.
Then we would observe builds diversity, smart building, different battle strategies etc…


Then,the 3-use weapons would also need more uses.


sounds nice,but that would make res modules OP,and also this will be a big disadvantage for phys because most of their weapons have uses.


Just remove energy mechs
Heat and physical are good


Thou if we cut the dmg in half then it would more be like old sm


I’ve been saying this for a long time. This would allow for tactics and build creativity to return.

3 weapon setups would need revision immediately, and relevance would return to obscure weapons such as Sweetie. Also, Claw would be risky to use and RB would become relevant again.

Across the board damage reductions, as well as other linked considerations such as drain, res etc. would need the correct reduction formulas, but not the same reduction as damage.

Would need some clever math calculations to get it right, but this would fix the game for sure.

Also, dump out that idiotic arena shop.


I have one thing to say to this