Customize your squads, colony, and outposts!


To piggy back on this a little, I already suggested it to alex but here is a formal one. Could we have customization looks? Almost every other game has some way to customize how you look. Be it skins in Overwatch or armor in WoW, you can ALWAYS change how you look. People like this. My idea is simple. Have unlock-able skins for squads and colonies and outposts. For instance you can already BUY golden colony, but why just sell it? I propose certain achievments grant you different color-patterns on squads. The foremost color would of-course be what it needs to be (Green, white, yellow, red, blue) Based on the relation that squad has to you. But the inner part of the squads is always the same, where the cock-pit is, and the thrusters in the back. Say you start as is now. Then when you get all achievments you can get a different color (orange for instance). The 10 BOAT medals in the game could be awarded red squads, likewise the CE winners could get green ones. Past that if you ended 1st in an era you could get a different color, and if you have won 10 times you could get a different color. This isnt based souly for squads. Different achievements could be different rewards for different things. I personally find it very boring the way it is currently. I get that THIS specifically would not be a very “big” or “gamebreaking” change, nor an important one really, but it is also VERY easy to code in, and can help give people something to strive for RIGHT AT THE START (something I think battle dawn lacks immensely)

  • Yes- Lets get it implimented
  • No- Horrible Idea
  • Maybe - If you made … changes. (insert below)

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Yes i would love to see this sort of thing however i don’t think its very high on the priority list. I would rather see more game changes and speeding up of tick refresh times before any visual change.


Ye, but changing tick speeds and gameplay changes typically take a long time to code correctly. This can be implemented in a day of work (We luv u alex) and I think will do as much good (if not even MORE good) That tick refresh times or game changes. Because lets be real, the only people that actually care about tick refresh speeds are the top players. We need more of the newer players to get hooked instead of catering to the best.


@Excl Sir may you please say what you would change within my idea before implementing?


*cough ma’am

But I think this would be a simple change that would be fun for all. Customizing is always fun :grin:

The only issue I see is how you would keep enemy incoming red and allies moving green, etc so that you always know.
Like, what if your enemy makes his squads green? It would surely suck to mistake him for an ally and let something get taken. So some sort of limitations would need to be placed to prevent the overall colors from being overshadowed. Not sure if you could set it up to be only on the user’s side (aka, no one else can see your customization… but then it seems almost pointless).

However, this made me think of For Honor. For those who haven’t played it, you have 3 color categories you can customize. One for red team variations, one for blue team variations, and one when for when there are no teams. Building off that idea, could do something similar. Make multiple categories with variations of colors you can buy/earn. You’ll have an array of color’s acceptable for when your an enemy, ally or your own teammates to see.

Not sure how much work that’d be though…


Here are some mock ups of what a new set could look like.

Your own Squads - Attacking


[details=More squads here]Your alliance

Allied alliance

Enemy Alliance

Neutral Alliance

This text will be [/details]

You could also do similar with bases and outposts.

Would the idea be that only the person who has bought the skin can see the changes or is it that everyone else can see that you have bought the custom skin?

Apologies that the images are partially hidden. Not sure how to fix this. Tried to make them show as smaller.


Well, I think the point is that others can see it. Otherwise, why buy it? And the suggestion itself is that those yellow neutral would now be orange if you wanted once you got BOAT.

I would also suggest making some basic colors available to be bought with reds. People like customization. Give special custom skins for those who gain via achievements though.


Well malice I thought about that myself, and came up with 2 possible solutions

A- If you actually look currently “green” squads for allies do not show up fully green. The only green parts are the outgoing. Those can stay that color. The inner part (as outlined by elcent) Would be the part customized.

B- Something similar to your idea, I also got it from for honor. Making an array of colors for your enemies to see. Then an array for your allies only, and of course I think for yourself to see only would be any color, since its you. You should know what YOU look like :smiley:

As per the second post malice I also believe that all should get to see it. I agree that some basic colors do need to be added for reds only. Sort of like how Halo Reach was. You could BUY 1 or 2 armor sets, but you had to unlock some of the cooler ones. and the REALLY cool ones were earned with ingame rewards.

One last thing here, to compound on it, there could even be custom “legendary” skins for those who have reached REALLY EXTREME things like 50 medals (Rani skin for instance) and maybe even ones for highest alliance score of all time.

Lastly I will mention this is why I think supermechs does so much better than battledawn. You go and right at the start there is legendaries sitting staring at you. Its only natural you want that, so some people pay right off the bat. Where as in battledawn its really hard to see what the benefit to paying is as a newb right off the bat.


i feel this goes very well with the idea of putting Battle Dawn on Steam. you could use the Steam marketplace to buy colors and skins from other players or sell colors and skins that you unlock by winning (with some skins being more rare than others). of course, have some basic skins that can be bought by anyone, but the rest can only be gained through winning or getting all achievements or something. with the ability to sell skins you earn by winnings, it gives players a realisic reward (they can earn money by selling the skins they earned from winning or doing stuff in the game, with special skins being in events and championship eras. and maybe skins awarded not just for ending rank, but also for stats. most outposts owned at the end of the era (this would give players a choice. raze ops for workers and score, or try to go for most ops at the end). or give rewards for most kills (of course, the admin or admin assistant would check if any farming happened to get this) and most wreckages captured. i can keep going but you get the point