[CUSTOMIZATION IDEA] Naming your Individual Mechs

So originally, SuperMechs was mainly 1v1. At that time, your username was basically your Mech name

Now that we have to use 2 out of 3 Mechs, we should have the opportunity to name each Mech.

Just like we customize colors, we should be able to customize names for our first 3 Mechs.

  • The cost for naming each Mech is 2 tokens each.
  • Hopefully names could be unique, and maybe go up to 25 characters.
    There would have to be some restrictions (like no swear words or anything offensive). The reason for the cost is to prevent players from constantly changing names or name holding (like domain holding). Also, there’s a bit of prestige having to pay for it.
  • The name of your Mech would appear during the Campaign and also in the Arena (on the 3 x 3 splash screen before the match starts). Names could be creative, funny, intimidating or deceptive. I think it would add a bit of entertainment before the match and show off the personality of the players your facing :grinning:


  • T-800, Johnny-5, Dot Matrix, ED-209
  • Larry, Curly & Moe, Hewey, Dewey & Louie
  • X-Terminator, Bonecrusher Smith, Doom Leviathan
  • Blue Steel (for a Heat Mech)


  • I would like to be able to customize each of my Mech’s names in Supermechs, as described, or similar
  • Sorry, not interested

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Nice idea. :+1:

Some good idea that i can call my boi:
‘‘gold digger’’


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Another benefit, is we can start giving names to specific builds…

Maybe not your Gold Digger build :grinning:, but maybe some of the top player’s builds for their individual Mechs

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I wish that @Wepwawet would love this one.

I know that she want to name her mech

I would name my 2 energies :

Main Drainer : Supranova
Anti Phys and Heat : Spaghet

And my little physical :

Rounded Physical : Fat One


I want to name my mech Big Daddy because he buff BOI

My mech is name is gonna be destruction

What did you say?
The meme is dead btw…i missed it alredy.

I would name mine like this :

The energy all rounded : Nightmare
The heat all rounded : Boiler
Energy counter : Lmfao good luck phys mains




I feel no remorse what so ever

Now i really found Techno’s weakness.

A godamn phys
Also imposter alert.
That opponet copy’s @KilliN

lol phys isnt a big deal , unless the phys main is someone in the top 50

I made that counter so i can climb ladder easier , rank 2-1 is filled with phys

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Good luck fighting with phys mains.

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Mate that counter shredds almost every phys mech.

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Heats also do not like phys mains.

I shall blaze em

or phys it is pretty easy to counter boilers- zark with 3 heat engines.

Actually, these are the names.

Main : Cyanine
Anti P and H : Cya9
Physical : Cya-ten.

Heat: Get rekt you fuqing smurfs.

If i still live at rank 9