♦ Custom Weapons for Workshop Unlimited


@KilliN @SeanChoi1870 You guys both came to me at the same time so I waited for you guys to cross paths



Just send me the file


um hi
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Killing spree

(heat machine gun, side weapon)

sketch by me and sprite by @Winz_Kay

Stats: (mythical maxed)
85 kg
224-368 exp dmg
86 heat dmg
12 resist drain
3-6 range
3 uses
75 heat cost

you can make the sprite more professionally to relate the game


but wheres the grade of the gun


Ask KilliN to make it more professionally than what I did during that early stage of creating sprites

I’m sure he can make it look 100x better


it’s mythical tier


I actually feel dumb now because I realize most of the items in the workshop thing are actually mythical items.


Of course, the point is to see how the mechs looks when maxed, there are only two items which aren’t mythical, those are: Iron Plating and Teleporter Mark I, which is a legacy item.


Just post your best sprites and If I like it i’ll implement.

One of your sprites is already implemented, just need a name for it.



Mmmm that looks tasty :eggplant:


I’ll post a name poll on the behalf of Rianma.

  • Nexus
  • Lunatic
  • Stargazer
  • Astronaut
  • Pineapple Spaceship

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You can post better names though.


This is exactly why you don’t put stupid poll answers.

I have more:

  • Galaxy
  • Nebula
  • Photon
  • Blue Sun
  • Other (reply below)

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But Pineapple Spaceship is the great name.


No need for two polls.


He said I could post better names lol


but not an another poll :wink:


Heck you you tricking heck