♦ Custom Weapons for Workshop Unlimited


Here is the weapon.

Stats I think I will make it a bit more balanced and an energy weapon.

It will be heavier, but more drainage and damage than Bright Roar.
Its basically an energy Seraph Blade, but a bit different. Maybe higher damage.
450 - 490 damage
Energy Drainage is around 120.
Energy usage is 90
Heat Usage is 90.
Weight is 72
Range 2.

You can change it around since I am not good at making stats.
(This is probably a physical nightmare.)
(Or just a bad weapon.)
(Or maybe an op weapon.)


Yay Elephants Feet nice.


sloppy job, sorry, elephant torso? ye no?


I like the overall look of it. just feel like it needs something in the side.

You need to work with .png


whats that 20fckingch


Images with transparency bro


you still lost me…


Here you go: Google.com


would this be easier?


bioch i dont need no search engine


oh well now you know what i use for my sprites lol


If you don’t know what transparency is I don’t think you should be making sprites.


El lobo feroz se comió al gordito Q.Q!
< @KilliN no es mala idea de willy 35a1e13ceb787be092ac51ad9eff42d57965309f_1_666x500


Looking for explosive legs / torsos / weapons.


Maybe @Zarkares will let you use some of hits sprites?


Dude zarkares is gone for months Lol.


I just realized


Hey @Killin, can you add this weapon by WinzKay?..


Did you just saw me asking it for him on discord?


No…wait…did you really?..lol