♦ Custom Weapons for Workshop Unlimited


Yep…pretty much…


Yeah things goes like that when I can’t test it.

That’s why we need a battle simulator.

It doesn’t overtake avenger so much in the most builds I tried though, and we surely need a torso to compete with Zarkares.


How bout just make it Zark weight


That 1 push, and 1 jump is really gona be killin it against dual anihil builds.
But i like the weight, and the drain.
Maybe in a close quarters setup with brightroar and the range 1-2 ultrabright thingy… could be a good brawler.


reminds me of Image result for robocop
from robocop


@KilliN, if there’s one thing that is already SWFed for me, it’s this thing.


It’s the Sphinx! And I think when you were Flashing this, you have a save file of it.

SPHINX            (366)  1090 HP  279/104 Energy  224/85 Heat  Resists - 22P/22Ex/22El

Basically, it’s an Archimonde, but with stats leaning to Energy.

By the way, can I contribute 1 more thing?


YESSS!!! Killin you must add this one in…one of my fav sprites…don’t know why…it’s just something about it that I like…


Only problem though, the Element Color is not right. (Energy is supposed to be Blue, Sphinx has Cyan)

But who cares? Looks cool anyways.


I is sad cuz I has no ways to make some good sprite torso things on my school chrome boooook


Fell free to post as many sprites as you want here, i will be picking the best ones.


I cna change if you want


is exellent stadist…good job bro


all sprite mech

needs weapons


Yeah sure.

Also post a vector of Blue Color Sphinx.




Whats dat purple button.
Is it a battle button?


No, the battle button would have a battle icon. :)


o, what is it then?
Also is my artwork a bit too pixely?


Quality doesn’t matter, since I would vectorize it anyway.

It’s just completely out of the game style.


Oh. I see xd
Then maybe the Rainbow Sword I made?
Rainbow Maddness I think. You can remake it if you want, since the handle looks shitty.