♦ Custom Weapons for Workshop Unlimited


Hell yes…


What you think of the stats @El_Metre

Supposed to be an anti-physical mech leg


I need these in the game and i need them now. That drain is just ultra gasm


Too light or too much drain. Not to mention how much jump it has. It has more HP than Grave Diggers, weighs less, does tons of drain, and can move a ton.


Grave Diggers is under-powered, but ik it’s a bit too strong


No physical would ever use Grave Diggers because the knockback is bad for physicals and it has less health than the heat/electric variant. I think they should give it 3 jump instead and have around the HP has rolling beasts but more weight and e-m instead. The reason it won’t replace RB’s is because you can only jump 3 and not 2.


Ok later i send flash


Torso? Legs, weapons???


Anything bro :D


A second …bro xD


900 seconds later…


He send to me via PMs


ooh…can’t wait to see what Maxy sends in…



Type : Drone
Rarity E-M
Weight : 52
Range : Infinite
Explosive Damage : 159-210
Heat Damage : 35
Energy Cost : 10
Heat Cost : 20


And that’s how a torso looks while being implemented…


is fantastic bro…


You forgot to give me the stats


Good resistance to energy, little heat and little energy


a lot of hp and standard weight


Hope you like the stats, i tried to balance it.

I’m not giving spoilers of how it looks in a mech, so, check it out.



So just an op avenger?