♦ Custom Weapons for Workshop Unlimited


Aye artists and general forum users, let’s be short and sweet, I made this topic to pick the best fan-made sprites and implement it in Workshop Unlimited and all you have to do is to post your best artworks here.

Preferably with the download link if you have it as .SWF / .FLA / .SVG or any other vector-based file, else, just send the image.

You can use File Dropper to host the file easily and fast.

There are two ways to get your sprite in, they are: In case I like it, or due to popular opinion. (High number of likes)

I will try to pick up at least 2-5 per week and i’m accepting sprites from anyone, so, start posting, and don’t forget to give the stats.



I’m not too good with stats

Can I post some sprites and other make them up for me?



I preffer adding sprites with realistic stats, but this doesn’t really matter.


I guess I should make a new one?
I might make a new weapon concept (That may have already been suggested)


Feel free to send anything, doesn’t really needs to be new.


i cant put my sprites in that form. sadly.


no problem, you can send the image.


alright! thanks! :smile:


are you going to have like a seperate menu for the custom mechs and also add custom elements such as your own? (purple)




fucking… awesome…

this might get flagged for the language but so worth it! :joy:


I’m making a shield (In Z Breath otw form again lul)
I am guessing this was already suggested sooooooo


Ill finish my Bull torso, maybe at Tuesday.

Wait for me okay


I guess I will start…

Sprite belongs to @Zarkares


Name: Firewall (just like the legacy one)
(only rough estimations)
Type: Side Weapon
Rarity: E-M
Weight: ~60kg, +/- 6kg
Range: 2-4 (or 2-3)
Explosive Damage: 203-265 (DawnBlaze like)
Heat Damage: ~60 (penalty due to it’s main advantage)
Knockback: 2 (main advantage)
Cost(s): 16/47 or 0/55 (normal or energy free)


You forgot me :’<
No biggie,anyways…


Finished up mine.

Ancient Advanced Shield

Zelda BOTW style. Its a new concept (Or an already suggested one.)

STATS - (Max Mythical)

L - M item
Weight - 60
Blocks 25% of the damage (This also affects energy drainage + heat damage)
Side Weapon
Has a 10% chance to deflect some of the damage back at the opponent.

Is this too OP or balanced or Bad?
U dudes decide.
Its a bit pixilated so I kinda want to make it so it’s not too pixely.


Need much more…


If only I was good at something in life

Oh well I live in fortnite so I gues it no matter


That seems really OP


It was made by Zarkares