Custom Weapon Maker for Supermechs

There needs to be a way for fans to make custom made weapons made specifically by tacticsoft instead of just completely drawing it. then we can submit our ideas to the community and then they will be processed and all that jazz. Please do this. i beg you XD.

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Most of the current sprites arent drawn by hand. There is a sprite sheet and people created sprites out of parts. Its not as much of drawing as it is just assembling.


Erm, I made my own yesterday. I had it posted in an another discussion
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It was a remake of a drone that someone else had made. From the looks of it, it looks like an armored Windforge ._.


Which means, we need a software for creating weapons. And I also wonder what software does TS use to “build SM”? I’ve seen many games that let players download software they use to build their game and let players “build” their idea. TS should do the same :3

i would much rather assemble cause im not good at drawing

Here is a sheet for you. You can take it to assemble it :smiley:
(I got it from the Super Mechs Sandbox topic xD)


thanks! i appreciate it. ill see what i can do. oh my, i see a bunch of legacy stuff. XD awesome

sadly… it isnt parts… i cant work with stuff like that XD. i need parts like this spreadsheet

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but i cant use this one cause its so small DX


20 characters

you must select them to use them this palette is better than the other

is there a website for this?

the closest and most useful thing you could find in the sprite library of sm, ask for it in sandbox (only if you use flash)

got ya, can u send me link pls?

uh… how do i use this .fla file? what site should i upload it to?

It is a file of adobe flash cs .-. it’s useful if you have it

well i do have adobe flash in my chrome browser.


i have no $ ;-; ill see what i can do with .fla runners